Intervention Assistance Teams

Early Intervention for Students with Special Learning Needs

All students experiencing academic and/or behavior difficulties may not have a disability or require special education to meet their individual educational needs. In many cases, modifications to the regular education program will address a student’s particular needs without resorting to evaluations or special education services. The IAT is an informal collaborative process that is designed to help promote students’ success in the regular education classroom. Intervention strategies such as alternative or modified learning instruction and/or behavior management techniques may be developed to:

  • improve the student’s academic performance;
  • improve the student’s behavior, or
  • improve and refine teaching skills so that the classroom teacher is able to teach students with diverse educational needs.

If the approaches offered through the IAT are effective, the student will experience educational success within the general education program. This will eliminate special education as an alternative.
Referrals to the IAT process should be made by contacting the building principal.