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COVID-19 Closure/Operating Status: During the COVID-19 Closure, the PRC Coordinators, Kathleen & Kelly, will be working remotely. We will regularly be checking our email and voicemail, and look forward to connecting with you. Our contact information is provided below.

Kathleen Donovan

Kelly Mountain

PRC Events
Although our live parent learning opportunities and events are cancelled until further notice, we will be offering webinars, and will add links to community webinar opportunities on our Events page.

Home Learning Resources
Many of our colleagues have been working diligently to provide instructional resources for families to support home learning. You can find these helpful resources at the COVID-19 School Closure Resources for Families of Students with Disabilities webpage.

General Resources for Families: Keep up to date with APS announcements and information for all families at here.


Welcome to the Arlington Public Schools Special Education Parent Resource Center (PRC). The PRC is a resource and information center for families, staff and community members. The PRC’s mission is to provide parents the support and information they need as they work with the school system to identify and meet their child’s unique learning needs.

The PRC offers support and assistance, individual consultations with families at the PRC or by phone, a lending library, a parent newsletter, parent learning opportunities, and serves as an information and referral source for families and staff members. 

The PRC’s Family Resource and Information Guide is designed to provide step by step support to families who have a child with a disability, or suspect their child may have a disability, in navigating the special education process, collaborating with school staff, and accessing community resources.

Visit the Guide to learn more about the special education process, and contact the Parent Resource Center for information on how to proceed if you are concerned about your child’s academic, social and/or emotional development.

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We look forward to connecting with you!


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PRC Event notices and updates are sent out through APS School Talk. If you would like to be added to the PRC announcements list, please go to the APS School Talk page and sign up for our Special Interest list by selecting “Special Education”.

APS Debuts New Student Support Process

During the spring of 2019, Arlington Public Schools (APS) developed a streamlined process for supporting student learning and responding to concerns. As we recognize and value the importance of family engagement, we want to be sure that you are knowledgeable about the new process, and are aware of ways in which you can partner with your child’s school should concerns arise regarding your child’s academic, social-emotional, and/or behavioral needs.To learn more about the process, visit


VDOE Critical Decision Points

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), through grant funding provided by the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities (VBPD), and assistance provided by the Training and Technical Assistance Center at James Madison University (TTAC),  has developed five web-based training modules for parents, school professionals, and other community stakeholders that work with families who have a child with a disability.  Parents and caregivers have certain goals in mind when their children go to school.  Regardless of whether or not their children have disabilities, all parents want their children to learn, explore, and experience as much as they possibly can.  Parents strive for their children to complete their public education, obtain a diploma, and be fully prepared to move on toward their chosen path, whether that is immediate employment, higher education, or something else.  In order for children to achieve these goals, there are certain decisions that will have to be made along the way.  The modules created relate to the Critical Decision Points for Families of Children with Disabilities curriculum and are designed to assist participants in understanding four things as they prepare to make these decisions:

  • What are some of the keys to a child’s academic success?
  • What decisions will need to be made regarding a child’s educational path?
  • At what point should we be making these decisions?
  • What information is needed so that we can make the most well informed decisions possible for a child?

The training modules are accessible at the following web link: I’m Determined – Parents – Critical Decision Points for Families of Children with Disabilities.  There are a total of five modules that range in length from three minutes to five minutes, which can be completed in a single viewing or broken up over time to meet individual time constraints.

The Critical Decision Points for Families of Children with Disabilities (Word) guide was developed in order to assist families of children with disabilities with understanding keys to their children’s academic success, as well as decisions that they will have to make throughout their children’s careers in public education.  Information is provided that will assist parents with understanding not only what decisions will need to be made, but also when those decisions need to start being considered.




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