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Virtual Learning

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Additional Resources to Consider:

News from the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE)

  • VDOE Partners with Spanish-language radio station to support learning for students and families…la asociación de VDOE con una estación de radio en español apoya el aprendizaje a los estudiantes y sus familias: http://ow.ly/45sw50zr24f
  • COVID-19 Learning in Place Mathematics Resources
    These resources have been compiled to assist teachers, parents, and students during this unprecedented time.
  • Digital Content Provided by Arts for Learning
    Arts for Learning has created “Take 10!” to make the arts virtually accessible to youth and families through live and recorded performances and workshops. Ten minute sessions for dance, music, and storytelling will be live streamed every Tuesday and Thursday, and the sessions can be accessed after they air. Check it out today!
  • VA TV Classroom
    Superintendent of Public Instruction James Lane announced that four Virginia public media stations will broadcast teacher-led classroom instruction aligned with the Commonwealth’s academic standards. Blue Ridge PBS, VPM, WETA and WHRO Public Media worked closely with the VDOE to create “VA TV Classroom” to provide instruction to students in grades K-10 who are unable to access other distance learning options. Check out “VA TV Classroom” today!
  • Project HOPE – Virginia at The William and Mary School of Education has put together a resource guide for families who may find themselves in crisis as a result of COVID-19.  Click here for Resources for Families in Crisis.
  • Keeping your Distance to Stay Safe
    It can be difficult to feel connected to others while social distancing.  The American Psychological Association has created a guide to help us cope while keeping our families and ourselves safe. Click here for a guide to Keeping your Distance to Stay Safe.

Autism Resources

  • Autism Society COVID-19 Toolkit: Includes resources for mental health and respite; modifying routines; lifestyle support; and more.
  • Autism Parenting 101: Play
    This VCU-ACE video resource provides families with information about the role families have in helping young children with ASD play, strategies to support play, and tips for success.
  • Autism Parenting 101: Communication
    This VCU-ACE video resource provides families with information about their role in supporting communication, discusses strategies to encourage communication, and tips for success.
  • Explain It! Routines and Schedules
    This VCU-ACE video resource helps families raising young children with ASD understand the importance of routines and schedules in a child’s life.
  • From Breakfast to Bedtime: What Children Learn Through Routines
    This VCU-ACE video resource helps families understand just how much young children are learning throughout everyday daily routines.
  • Use What Works: Teaching Routines
    This VCU-ACE video resource provides families a basic explanation of evidence-based practices such as task analysis, visual supports, prompting, and reinforcement as they teach their child new routines.
  • Let’s Make a Schedule!
    This VCU-ACE video resource demonstrates how to make a variety of schedules using what families have in the home.
  • A Day in the Life: Maintaining Routines and Schedules in Difficult Times
    This VCU-ACE video resource helps families who are struggling through personal challenges or community-based emergencies and dealing with sudden and drastic changes to their typical routines and schedules.

Fun and Recreation

  • Have you discovered Arlington’s Parks and Recreation Recreate at Home page? It’s filled with some great ideas for how to keep adults and children engaged. Take a look to learn about DIY Bird Feeders, Color Me Census, Lazer Grids, Scavenger Hunts, Art with the amazing Mr. Jim, Body Weight Fitness, Cook Like a Pro, How to Make Binoculars, and more! Also, our fantastic friends in Therapeutic Recreation are offering new sensory activities to help promote calmness every weekday at 1pm! Details are below.
  • Sensory Activities Help Keep You Calm
    Sensory-stimulating activities can help calm the body and mind as well as aid in self-regulation. Visit the Therapeutic Recreation Facebook page for new fun projects every week day at 1 p.m. Activities have been selected that use typical items found around the house, but not food.