COVID-19 Coronavirus Information

What is a Virus?
This VCU-ACE COVID-19 resource was designed to help explain the meaning of a virus to individuals with individuals with Autism.
How To: Dealing with Changes
Individuals with ASD often thrive in a routine environment and can struggle with unexpected changes to their schedules. This How To video helps families, educators, and community members support individuals with ASD as they navigate through the multitude of changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic event. This How To video includes how to use the VCU-ACE COVID-19 Social Narrative and the VCU-ACE COVID-19 Comic Strip.
What Should I Do If Get Sick?
This What Should I Do If Get Sick VCU-ACE COVID-19 resource is designed for individuals with ASD. This video explains the symptoms of COVID-19, helps individuals with ASD understand what to expect if they do get sick, and also discusses what they can do at home while