Special education eligibility is determined by an Eligibility Committee, which assembles to determine whether a student has an educational disability that has an adverse impact on educational performance, and as a result, requires special education and related services. Typically, Eligibility Committee members include: Parent/Guardian, School Administrator or designee, Classroom Teacher, Special Education Teacher, Special Education Coordinator (SEC), School Nurse, School Psychologist, School Social Worker, related service providers, and/or others invited by school and/or family.

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Once a student has been referred to a Student Support Committee and the committee recommends an evaluation, an eligibility committee will convene to review the results of the evaluations within 65 days. Each committee member (including parent/guardian) will summarize their evaluation/input.

The committee will review and carefully consider information from a variety of sources, including parent input, teacher recommendations, and will review and consider all evaluations that have been completed and presented.

The committee will use special education eligibility worksheets to work toward consensus in determining determine whether the student meets the criteria as a “child with a disability, who, by reason thereof, needs special education and related services”.

At a Glance Eligibility Form

CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES (List/Definitions of Educational Disabilities in Virginia)

Age of Eligibility

Eligibility Worksheets

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