I suspect my child might have a disability. What should I do?

Anyone with knowledge of a child who suspects a disability may refer a child to a Student Study Committee (SSC) to discuss concerns. For school age students, parents who are concerned about their child’s academic, social and/or emotional development are encouraged to speak with their child’s teacher. Parents who suspect a disability and wish to refer a child to a Student Study Committee meeting to discuss concerns and/or request a special education evaluation are encouraged to share their request in writing with their child’s teacher and complete the SSC Referral Form. For elementary school students, a copy should be shared with the principal or assistant principal. For middle and high school students, a copy should be shared with the student’s counselor and the Director of Counseling.

*Learn more about the Student Study Committee.

To refer children ages two* through five who are not yet Arlington Public Schools students, contact the Arlington Public Schools Child Find Office. (*Children need to be two years old by September 30th of the current school year in order to receive services in that school year.) Infants and toddlers with suspected developmental delays should be referred to the Arlington Parent Infant Education (PIE) program.

I have a question about my child and am not sure who to contact. Who should I call?

In collaborating to address questions and resolve concerns, it is always best when possible to start with your child’s teacher, case carrier, or related service provider (if the concern involves a related service). The charts below provide a recommended communication sequence. Please feel free to contact the Parent Resource Center at 703.228.7239 or prc@apsva.us if we may be of assistance.
PreK and Elementary Communications Flow Chart
Secondary Communications Flow Chart (Middle and High School)
PreK and Elementary Flow Chart ImageSecondary Communications Flow Chart Image