Special Education Parent Liaisons

The Special Education Parent Liaison project is a joint project of the Arlington Public School’s Parent Resource Center (PRC) and the Arlington Special Education PTA (SEPTA). The goal for the project is for each elementary, middle, and high school in Arlington to have at least two volunteers (parents of students with disabilities) to serve as Special Education Parent Liaisons  to support and encourage the flow of information between each of the schools, the PRC, and SEPTA.

Liaisons share PRC and SEPTA information with their schools, and serve in an advisory capacity, providing ideas for trainings and materials, and input from individual school communities.  The Parent Liaisons group meets once or twice each year. Finally, Liaisons serve as points of contact for families interested in connecting with another parent of a child with special needs in individual schools.

Find your school’s liaison here: https://www.arlingtonsepta.org/parent-liasons/

Seeking Special Education Parent Liaisons

Volunteer online to serve as a Special Education Parent Liaison:

Special Education Parent Liaisons Resources

Need more information?  You can contact the Parent Resource Center at 703.228.2739 or prc@apsva.us .
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