Recovery Services

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has provided Guidance for Schools on Recovery Services:

Step 1:

  • After 6-8 weeks of instruction (virtual or in person), IEP Teams should consider individual student data to document recoupment of skills or persisting skill deficits.
  • The IEP team should consider the student’s progress compared to the progress of all students during the extended school closure. Also remember that skill loss and recovery of skills may vary by grade and subject matter.
  • The determination of COVID-19 recovery services is made by the IEP Team after a careful review of student performance and data including pre-COVID-19 closures, student participation and performance during COVID-19 closures, and performance upon return to school.
  • This means that IEP Teams will need a period of time to gather data on the student’s performance and assess their skills in relation to pre-COVID-19 closure and their learning rate compared to peers and with consideration of the educational experiences being offered by the LEA.

LEAs (Schools) are not required to automatically hold IEP meetings for every student with a disability upon return to school.

Step 2: School members of the IEP Team should consider initiating an IEP Team meeting when either:

  • there is a lack of expected progress toward the annual goals and in the general curriculum, if appropriate;
  • the results of any reevaluation conducted, information about the child shared by the parent needs to be addressed;
  • and/or if the LEA anticipates that the child may need COVID-19 recovery services.

Additionally, the LEA must remember that when a parent requests COVID-19 recovery services, this is a request for an IEP team meeting.  Thus, the parent should receive a response from the LEA within ten business days from the time the request was made.  A Prior Written Notice must be issued if the team declines such a request and could contain additional information justifying the refusal such as, the need for time to assess student progress. If a parent requests a meeting to discuss COVID-19 recovery services, the IEP should communicate clearly the amount and types of data required to address COVID-19 recovery services.

Step 3: After communicating the data required to make the decision, the IEP Team may either: 

  1. Hold the meeting to hear the parent’s request and make a plan for when they will reconvene to discuss the data and make a determination; or
  2. Seek parental agreement to schedule the meeting for a date in the future when the required data for decision making will be available. If the parent agrees to schedule a meeting in the future when sufficient data is available, this should be clearly documented.
Document all recovery services, to the extent they will be provided, in the appropriate sections of the Prior Written Notice (PWN).
Q. What Questions Should the IEP Team Consider?Each IEP Team should consider if COVID-19 recovery services are appropriate, the amount and type of recovery services required to address individual students’ needs including:

    • additional services to recoup previously learned skills; and
    • new services and supports that were not previously provided to assist with successfully re-entering the school environment (e.g., mental health needs or services related to a student’s disability to address significant disengagement resulting from the extended school closure).Not all students with disabilities will require COVID-19 recovery services. Prior to determining the need for and amount of COVID-19 recovery services, each IEP Team should consider data from a variety of sources. This includes data spanning the continuum of pre-COVID-19 to the return to school with a focus on reducing the impact of the school closure and a return to student progress that is appropriate for the student.IEP Teams should use individual student progress data and data about LEA offerings during COVID-19 closure and upon return to school when considering services. The need for COVID-19 recovery services should be based on whether or not the student continued making progress in the general education curriculum, or alternative course of study specified in their IEP, or toward meeting their individualized IEP goals and/or if any significant regression occurred during the period of school closure.COVID-19 recovery services should be unique, individualized to the student, and determined by the IEP Team. Educators should carefully document the COVID-19 recovery services provided to students with disabilities and monitor and track individual student progress. COVID-19 recovery services do not need to be a minute for minute replacement for services that were not provided during the building closures.