Steering Committee Members

2011-17 APS Strategic Plan Steering Committee Members

Kevin Clark

Ron Fecso

Kevin Clark and Ron Fecso are parents of students in the school district and both have served on other district advisory committees. Clark most recently served as a member of the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on Elimination of the Achievement Gap and is a professor of Instructional Technology at George Mason University. Fecso has served as a member of the APS Advisory Council on Instruction’s Mathematics Committee and is chief statistician for the U.S. Government Accountability Office.


  • Nur Alam
  • Mike Cantwell
  • Donald Clinger
  • Javier Gill
  • Barbara Gomez
  • Richard Haske
  • Rebecca Hunter
  • Clara Johnson
  • Fernando Jordon
  • Adam Kernan-Schloss
  • Susan LeFande
  • Christopher Long
  • Pamela Love
  • James Lyons
  • Monica Mason
  • Monique O’Grady
  • Thomas O’Neil
  • Dennis Peredo
  • Dale Proctor
  • Ryoko Reed
  • Terron Sims
  • Mary Skocz
  • Enrique Solorzano
  • Claudia Torres
  • Mary Van Dyke
  • Schuyler Webb

APS Staff
Dr. Patrick Murphy, SuperintendentSuzanne Raber, Director, Planning and Evaluation