ADHD Services

Arlington Public Schools (APS) provides a continuum of services to all students, including those students experiencing attentional concerns or those that have been diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). ADHD is a complex condition that affects children, adolescents and adults, and is characterized by problems with attention, impulsivity and/or hyperactivity. ADHD has broad implications in the lives of students and their families dealing with ADHD, including academic, social-emotional and behavioral concerns

The former Department of Student Services organized a task force to review best practices and the Arlington Public Schools’ service delivery to students who experience (ADHD) or attentional concerns in general. The task force included administrators, general and special education teachers, pupil services staff and parents. The committee reviewed current practices, made recommendations and provided staff development to assist teachers in supporting the educational needs of students who experience difficulty attending in the classroom. Parent education and support was also a focus of the task force. The task force created both a Mission Statement and a Strategic Plan, which continue to guide the work supporting students, staff and families..

ADHD Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the academic achievement and the social, emotional and behavioral functioning of all students with characteristics of ADHD in Arlington Public Schools.

Parent Support

The Special Education Parent Resource Center (PRC) offers parent education opportunities throughout the school year, including sessions addressing ADHD, executive functioning, and other related topics. To learn about current PRC offerings, please visit the PRC’s Event Calendar page. For additional information, please contact Kathleen Donovan  at or by phone at (703)228-7239.

Additional Resources for Parents

  • Fact Sheets:
  • Websites:
    • All Kinds of Minds: Understanding Differences in Learning:
    • American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry ADHD Resource Center:
    • Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder:
    • Identifying and Treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Resource for School and Home: http://
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  • PRC Library Materials:
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  • Social Medial Connections/Community Parent Supports:
    • Arlington ADHD Parent List Serv:
      Email –
    • Arlington Special Education PTA (SEPTA)
    • CHADD Facebook Page:
  • Films:
    • ADD & Loving It
    • Father to Father: Expert Advice on ADHD Real Life
    • ADHD: A Survival Guide for Children and Teens
  • Parent Education Opportunities: To keep up to date with PRC events, please visit us at: If your child does NOT have an IEP but you’d like to receive notices from the PRC, please email us at

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