Focus and Core Beliefs of ATSS


ATSS is a system for meeting the needs of all students.  The focus of ATSS is to address the whole child and what supports students need to be successful academically, social-emotionally, and behaviorally. The ATSS framework uses a data-based decision making model in Collaborative Learning Teams (CLTs) to analyze data, identify students who are in need of remediation or extension, and create timely action plans. Focus will be on evidence-based core (Tier 1) instruction with additional Tier 2 and 3 interventions and/or extensions for students who need them to create a unified system of timely responses for all students to achieve success.  A system of interventions for academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs that can increase in intensity and duration will provide necessary help and support for all students to be prepared for college and career.

Core Beliefs

  • All students will receive differentiated and scaffolded Tier 1 or core instruction.
  • Academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs are addressed.
  • Students receive timely interventions and/or extensions at the first indication that they are in need of additional support.
  • Students will be monitored frequently.
  • Schools will employ a collaborative culture fostered in their CLT time to answer the following questions.
    • What do we want students to know and be able to do?
    • How will we know if students have learned it?
    • What do we do if students have NOT learned it?
    • What will we do differently when students already know it?

Mission Statement 

The goal of ATSS is to provide a high-quality tiered instructional framework that is personalized, flexible, and inclusive.  Utilizing the principles of Universal Design for Learning, we promote the use of evidence-based, comprehensive, and rigorous curricular resources in order to meet the academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs of ALL learners.