Substance Abuse Resources



Talking to Your College-Bound Young Adult About Alcohol

What you need to know and how to talk to your kids about Vaping

Drug Facts-E-cigarettes    Drug Facts-Cigarrillos Electronicos

 Respiratory Effects of Marijuana

 Marijuana’s Lasting Effects on the Brain

Spice: ‘If You Use It, You’re Experimenting on Yourself


For Parents:

  • Addict in the Family: Stories of Loss, Hope, and Recovery by Beverly Conyers
  • Beautiful Boy by David Sheff
  • Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change by Jeffrey Foote, Nicole Kosanske and Stephanie Higgs
  • Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America’s Greatest Trajedy by David Sheff.
  • Codependent No More by Melody Beattie
  • Don’t Let Your Kids Kill You: A Guide for Parents of Drug and Alcohol Addicted Children by Charles Rubin. Narrated by Tom Zingarelli
  • Dreamland The True Tale of American’s Opiate Epidemic by Sam Quinones

For Younger Readers:

  • Dreamland: (Young Adult Adaptation) the True Tale of American’s Opiate Epidemic by Sam Quinones
  • Emmy’s Question by Jeannine Auth
  • Hey Kiddo by Jarrett J. Krusoczka
  • The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie


Arlington Partnership for Children Youth and Families – “Raising Safe & Healthy Teens, Making The Connections”

E-cigarette and Vaping Cessation


For Parents:

For Young people:



1.Listen Now! – September 19, 2017 at 11:15 am. Episode 6 of the What’s Up, APS? In this episode, we talk to substance abuse counselors Jenny Sexton and Maria Ceballos about the role of substance abuse counselors; what to look for if you suspect your child is using an illegal substance; intervention and education.


2018-19 Williamsburg Middle School Vimeo Vaping:

Feb. 27, 2018 Snapshots Video Highlighting Substance Abuse Counselors

Vimeo 2018: Stash Kits and Vaping/Juuling

feb. 5, 2018 CBS Interview with APS Substance Abuse Counselor, Dr. Mila Vascones-Gatski about Juuling


Safe Treatment Locator

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration –

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National Institute of Mental Health –

National Institute on Drug Abuse –

Opioid Awareness, Arlington County, Virginia –

Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America –

The Partnership at Drug –

Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth and Families –

Arlington-teens –

Get the Facts about Drugs –

Get Smart about Drugs –

Is your teen hiding drugs right under your nose? –

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