Summer School


Update:  July 15, 2020
Students who have registered for virtual secondary strengthening courses should be able to see the following welcome information in their StudentVue accounts later today.  We are posting it here as well in the event that students are unable to view it in their accounts.

Dear Summer Secondary Strengthening Student/Parent,

Welcome to the 2020 Arlington Public Schools Summer Secondary Distance Learning Program! If you registered for a make-up and strengthening course, your student schedule should be available in your StudentVUE account under the Documents tab. Please log in to your account to check your schedule, in preparation for the first day of school. It will list the course(s) for which you signed up and your assigned teacher(s).  Bilingual APS staff members will also be reaching out to parents of Spanish and Mongolian speaking students to provide assistance with accessing ParentVUE, StudentVUE and Canvas. Schools will use Language Line to communicate with parents of other languages.

Classes will begin on Monday, July 20th and end on Friday, August 14th. Students are expected to log on to Canvas for their classes daily. Each teacher will have a daily “check in” assignment to monitor student engagement and attendance. Students will be required to complete four weeks of modules in their classes. At the end of summer school, students who have completed the required work will receive a one letter grade increase for the course(s) in which they are enrolled. Teachers will be available via email and have daily virtual office hours to provide students with support and assistance. All work will be posted on your assigned teacher’s Canvas page. Please be sure that you have a working device and can access your StudentVUE and Canvas accounts prior to the start of summer school.

At the end of summer school, report cards will be available in ParentVUE and StudentVUE to confirm successful completion of summer courses. ParentVUE will also be available during the entire summer session so that parents can check student’s progress.

We look forward to a productive and successful summer!

TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR SUMMER SCHOOL: Need technical support with your child’s device? Visit the Digital Learning Device Help pages on the APS Website for information. This page also provides contact information to receive support from your school’s ITC. Summer school students will receive priority for technical support.

Summer Distance Learning Session Runs July 20 – August 14. Registration is now closed and only eligible students who registered by the June 30th deadline will be able to participate. Student schedules will be posted to ParentVue on July 13 and teachers will be reaching out to registered students that week with additional information. **This only applies to secondary. Elementary families will receive a phone call the week of July 13th to set up times for their child’s virtual check-in.

Social-Emotional Support
Supporting the social-emotional needs of students will be a priority during the online summer learning session. APS will provide weekly social-emotional learning videos. Social workers, counselors and Bilingual Family Liaisons will be available to support students. 

Online Summer Program for Secondary Students (Grades 6-12)
APS will provide an online secondary summer strengthening program and selected new work social studies classes.  The strengthening program is designed to provide targeted intervention and support for students who have earned a “D” or “E” as a final grade and have not been able to consistently access Canvas in April, May or June.

  • Students in grades 6-12 will take APS-created virtual courses for makeup and strengthening, and selected new work for credit courses
  • Students will be eligible for Locally Awarded Verified Credit (LAVC).
  • Middle and high school English learners with a current English Proficiency Level of 1 or 2, as achieved on the 2020 WIDA ACCESS for ELLs will take classes that focus on reading, writing, speaking and listening. The model will include both synchronous and asynchronous components.

Elementary Summer Learning Resources (Grades K-5)
All families will have access to the “At Home with APS” videos that begin on July 20th.  They will air on local access television on both Verizon and Comcast and digital links to the episodes will be posted to the APS website.  The videos will focus on building numeracy and literacy skills by grade level bands, i.e. PreK/1, 2/3, and 4/5.   New videos focused on social-emotional learning will also be available.  Weekly School Talks will be released as reminders for families during the summer learning window (July 20-Aug. 14).  A School Talk with more specific dates and times of episodes will be available the week of July 13th.  All students previously identified for summer strengthening will have access to adaptive math and literacy programs and support from school-based instructional staff through regular check-ins and open office hours.Any K-2 elementary students previously identified for summer school who do not have access to a device will be issued a device and connectivity so that they have full access to adaptive digital learning programs.Elementary Online and Distance Learning Resources

  • Adaptive digital learning programs, such as DreamBox and Raz-Kids, that allow students to continue to develop math and literacy skills will be available for students in grades 3-5. These digital learning programs will also be available to students in grades K-2 who have previously been identified as one year below grade level in reading and math; are English learners; and/or are students receiving special education services.
  • Access to school-based instructional support provided through regular check-ins and open office hours. Social workers, counselors and bilingual family liaisons will be available to support students over the summer to assist families as needed.
  • Special Education: At the secondary level, special education teachers will collaborate with classroom teachers to ensure students with special needs will receive their accommodations and supports to ensure access. During the APS Summer Learning Session, APS will also offer virtual Extended School Year (ESY) services, both direct and indirect, to all students who are eligible. (Note: Barcroft’s virtual ESY services will take place from July 6 – July 31)

Please note that if you submitted a payment for summer school classes prior to the closure, it may or may not have been processed, depending on whether it was received after schools closed on March 13. If your check did not clear, you can assume that the registration did not go through.
Elementary and Secondary Strengthening Refunds
If your payment was for a make-up and strengthening class at the elementary or secondary level, you do not need to submit a new check as the new virtual strengthening classes will be offered free of charge.  If your payment was unprocessed it will be returned to you as soon as the registrars can access their buildings.    If your payment was processed before the closure, you will receive a refund as soon as soon as possible (most likely in August).
High School New Work Refunds and Supplemental Payment Procedures
If your payment was for a high school new work for credit class that was canceled, your unprocessed check will be returned to you as soon as the registrars can access their buildings.  If the payment was for Virtual Economics and Personal Finance, Virtual Virginia and US History or Virtual Virginia and US Government,  you should follow the instructions below: 1) If your check did not clear, please complete the online registration and submit a new check per the instructions on page 1 of the form for the new fee ($350 full, $87 for students eligible to received free/reduced price meals); your unprocessed check will be returned to you as soon as the registrars can access their buildings.2) If your check did clear, please do not submit a new form.  Send a check for the balance of $50 (no additional payment is necessary if you paid the reduced fee of $87) to the Finance Office following the directions on page 1 of the online registration form.  Payment for the additional $50 must be received by June 30 or the student will no longer be registered.

Outdoor Lab Summer Camp: Cancelled for 2020
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the logistics of planning and preparing for the program, the Outdoor Lab Summer Camp for 2020 has been cancelled.
Refunds:  If you sent in a check with your application, it will be mailed back to you once the Science Office has returned to working at its Syphax location.
Questions: If you have any questions, please contact Christine Reid at