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2017 Summer School Programs

APS offers a variety of summer school classes to students in Pre-K through grade 12. Registration for all programs opens March 1. Please check page 2 of the Summer School Catalog for registration deadlines. APS students should register at the school they are attending during the 2016-2017 school year and non-APS students should register in the Summer School Office. Late applications will not be accepted and payment in full is due at the time of application. Most programs run from July 10 – August 11. For additional information please consult the Summer School Catalog or contact the Summer School Office by phone at 703-228-7645, or by email at

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Summer School Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where do I register my child?
APS students should register at the school they are attending during the 2016-2017 school year by the appropriate deadline. Non APS students should register in the Summer School Office. Most but not all classes are open to non APS students. Please consult the Summer School Catalog for additional details on registration procedures and requirements .

2) My child has to miss more than three days of summer school, will s/he be allowed to return to class?
There are no excused absences in summer school at any grade level. Children are allowed three absences. Students who exceed three absences will be automatically withdrawn on the fourth absence.

3) Our summer plans changed and I have to withdraw my child, can I get a refund?
Strengthening programs at the elementary level are non-refundable. At the high school level, they are refundable only if a student signed up for a credit bearing class that s/he passed during the year and no longer needs to take, or if a student signed up for new work for credit class and needs to be moved to a strengthening class (qualifies for a partial refund). Elementary/middle school enrichment and high school new work withdrawals are eligible for a refund (less a $100 cancellation fee) ONLY if the request is submitted by June 30, and ONLY if one of the three following criteria is met: 1) student is ill four or more days with a doctor’s note, 2) death in the immediate family, 3) transfer of residence outside of Arlington.

4) Will my child get bus transportation?
Elementary students who live at least one mile from their designated summer school site and secondary students who live at least 1.5 miles from the countywide summer school site are eligible for transportation. However, elementary students who are attending an out of boundary school during the school year will NOT be provided transportation in summer school unless they attend a countywide special education course or enrichment program i.e. Global Village, Math Academy or Summer Laureate. Bus runs will only be made at the beginning and the end of the day. Secondary students who only take one class will not be allowed to stay at school when they don’t have a class and will need to find alternate transportation to/from school between first and second period. For more information please call the Transportation Call Center at 703-228-8670.

5) When will I get my child’s schedule in the mail?
Schedules, welcome letters, bus stop info etc. for all programs and all grade levels will be mailed on July 5, 2017.

6) Is there a Late Registration and who is eligible to register there?
Late Registration for current APS middle and high school students will be held at Syphax Center on June 26 from 8 AM to 7 PM. Only APS students who have failed a credit-bearing class (or English 8, Math 8 or Physical Science 8) will be allowed to register. No registrations for high school new work, middle school enrichment or any elementary programs will be accepted.

7) What are the requirements for the Pre-K Program?
The program is open only to Arlington resident students who are pre-registered to attend an APS Kindergarten program in Fall 2017. The course is designed for students who have no Pre-K experience, or who have been recommended by their teacher as eligible for additional support.

8) We had an emergency and missed the registration deadline, can my child still register?
Registration opens March 1. The first deadline is April 7 for outdoor lab.  The second deadline is May 5 for all elementary programs and high school new work. The third deadline on June 9 is for secondary strengthening and middle school enrichment classes.  All deadlines are firm and absolute. In the interest of fairness, and in making sure that APS is able to purchase adequate supplies, hire the necessary staff in time etc., no late registrations will be accepted after the relevant deadline for any program .

9) Are there specific requirements for the elementary and middle school strengthening programs?
Yes. At the elementary level, only students who are failing a course, who previously failed an SOL, or are specifically recommended by their teacher as appropriate for remediation are eligible to register for the Math Language Arts Program. At the middle school level, only 8th graders who failed English 8, Math 8 or Physical Science will be allowed to register for those courses.

10) My grandson will be visiting me this summer, can he attend class at the Arlington resident rates?
No. Only children living full-time with a parent or legal guardian in Arlington County are eligible to register at the resident rates. Children from outside Arlington who are visiting family or friends in the county during summer are allowed to register for (most) classes but are required to pay the non-resident fees and provide current health records.

11) My child does not attend an APS school, can she participate in the ESOL/HILT and/or Special Education program?
No. Non APS students are not eligible to take either ESOL/HILT or Special Education classes. Non-native English speakers are allowed to register for general education classes if they are fluent in English.

12) I am a teacher in Arlington County but live outside the county, does my child qualify for the resident rates?
Children of APS teachers who live in neighboring districts are required to pay non-resident rates unless they have been enrolled in an APS school for the entire preceding school year.

13) Where can I get more info about the online Economics, Government, History and courses?
Queries should be directed to Cathy Hix in the Department of Instruction at 703-228-6141.

14) Where can I get more info about the online Health course?
Queries should be directed to Deborah DeFranco in the Department of Instruction at 703-228-6167

15) Are there any scholarships or reduced fees?
There are no scholarships available through the Summer School Office. Scholarships or partial scholarships are available through individual schools and PTA’s. Parents in need of financial assistance should contact their child’s Principal for additional information. Reduced fees are available for students who meet specified income requirements. Please see the Summer School Catalog for more information.

17) If my child is currently in the 7th grade, should she register for 7th or 8th grade in summer school?
Summer school is considered to be an extension of the current school year at all levels except in the case of new work for credit classes. Eighth graders take strengthening classes at the countywide high school site. Enrichment classes for eight graders are hold at the countywide Middle School site.

18) Are the programs first-come first-served or do you take everyone who registers?
None of the summer classes are filled on a first-come first-served basis. As long as students register during the appropriate registration period and meet any applicable eligibility requirements (as described in the summer school catalog) they will be accepted into the summer program. If programs are filled beyond capacity, a lottery will be held and parents notified as soon as possible regarding the outcome.

19) What happens if we move before summer school starts and my child needs to transfer to a different summer school site?
Your child must be pre-registered for fall 2017 by June 9 in order to change your summer school location. Please contact the Summer School Office at 703-228-7645 before June 9 in order to request a change.

20) Can my children attend summer school together even though they are at different schools during the academic year?
Elementary students in strengthening programs are assigned to summer clusters based on the schools they attend during the year. Students are only eligible to participate in classes at their designated cluster sites unless they are attending one of the countywide enrichment programs i.e. Global Village, Summer Laureate, or Math Academy, or a countywide Special Education program. Transportation will not be provided to out of boundary students.

Last Modified on February 2, 2017