Summer School

The APS Summer School program is designed to support and augment the instructional program of Arlington Public Schools. Each year it provides varied courses to approximately 6,500 students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12. The elementary strengthening program is designed specifically for those students who need additional time and exposure to grade level standards. Elementary students may also choose from a variety of enrichment programs. At the secondary level, strengthening programs enable students to retake courses they have failed and prepare to retake failed SOL assessments. In addition, enrichment courses are offered at the middle school level, and high school students may take classes as new work for credit, including a limited number of blended and virtual classes.

For additional information, please see the Summer School Catalog (Catálogo para la Escuela de Verano) and the Frequently Asked Questions, and/or speak to a school counselor.

*Pilot Online Registration for Elementary Enrichment will open March 1st! Check back for live link




APS Summer School

Information for the 2018 Summer School Programs will be available February 2018
Published January 11, 18 7:51AM