Summer Blended and Virtual Courses Info

Summer Courses Offered
Virtual EPF, Virtual US/VA History, Virtual US/VA Government
Blended EPF, Blended US/VA History, Blended US/VA Government
Blended Algebra II
Blended Earth Science

What is the difference between the blended and virtual courses?
Both courses provide opportunities for online instruction.  For blended courses, students will meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during summer school and receive virtual assignments to complete on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  For the virtual courses, all the work will be done online with students having the option to attend open labs for help on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The standards and objectives for the courses are the same and the credit earned for the courses is the same whether taken in a face-to-face, blended, or virtual setting. Both the blended and virtual options satisfy the Virginia graduation online course requirement.

What does a student need in order to participate in a blended or virtual course?
Students will need a personal device with access to the Internet.  Students will also need an email address to communicate with the instructor.  The course will be conducted on Canvas and students will be enrolled in the course.  Students participating in the course but not enrolled in APS will be provided with temporary access to the Canvas site.

Is there an orientation for virtual and blended courses?
Students participating in virtual courses are required to attend an orientation session.  Students participating in blended courses are not required to attend an orientation. If participating in a virtual social studies class please contact the Social Studies Office  at 703-228-6140 for additional information.