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About Title I

The Title I program funding supports school divisions in providing equitable educational opportunities for students in schools with higher levels of economic need, as a key part of the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA).

Title I funds are used to supplement – not replace – regularly allocated school resources and classroom instruction. Each school develops and submits a plan, which is approved by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), that allows Title I funds to be used in a flexible way to benefit the entire school population. Plans are jointly developed by school staff, parents, community members, teachers, and central office staff, in accordance with federal legislation and guidance.

Parents and families also play an important role in Title I. They are encouraged to participate in their child’s education by supporting the child’s learning outside of school – such as reading together – and attending activities sponsored by the school and the Title I program.

APS Title I Schools:

In Arlington, eight APS elementary schools operate a schoolwide Title I program model to raise academic achievement for all students.

Program Components

Title I provides supplemental support through a multifaceted approach to improving student achievement. Key facets of that approach include:

  • Additional Staffing: Title I funds provide extra staffing at Title I schools.
  • High Academic Standards: Student progress is monitored throughout the year to ensure that all students are meeting academic goals.
  • Early and Comprehensive Intervention: Additional instructional time is provided for Title I students through supplemental programs and small-group instruction, both in and out of classrooms.
  • Family Engagement: Academic Parent Teacher Teams, Family Literacy Activities, Math Nights, and Summer Mailbox Books help families engage in their child’s learning.
  • Professional Learning: Ongoing courses, workshops, and conferences provide additional training for teachers at Title I schools.
  • Partnerships between Schools and Community: Partnerships with community organizations that share our mission such as The Kennedy Center, and Think Fun (Math Dice) provide additional opportunities for Title I students.

Targeted Supplemental Instruction

A foundational component of the Title I program in all of our schools is targeted supplemental instruction for students who are struggling. Highly qualified specialists work with select students in each school to build on their classroom instruction and accelerate their learning in these areas.

Summer and School-Break Learning

Title I also supports additional summer learning opportunities for students. For example, through the Title I Summer Mailbox Books program, identified students from Title I schools are able to choose free books to receive in the mail over the summer vacation. The goal of the program is to provide access to appropriate reading materials at home, allowing students to keep reading over the summer and practice the skills they learned during the school year. An additional goal is to engage families in their children’s literacy acquisition and have fun doing it!

Title I School-Community Partnerships

Partnerships with community organizations that share our mission help schools’ Title I programs in realizing our shared vision of a high-quality education for all children.

Changing Education Through The Arts (CETA)

Changing Education Through The Arts (CETA)

Abingdon & Drew Elementary Schools are proud partners in education with Washington D.C’s John F. Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts. Classes and coaching opportunities are made available to teachers and administrators at our two participating schools.