Reading Strategies

booksPromoting the development of reading skills:

  • Arlington Public Library LogoLet your child see you read.
  • Read to and with your child everyday.
  • Write.
  • Go to the library. (Try a storytime!)
  • Give books as gifts.

Activities that promote comprehension:

Before Reading

  • Preview the book. Look at the pictures.
  • Discuss what the book may be about.

During Reading

  • While reading, make predictions about what may happen.
  • Check your predictions.
  • Think about what makes sense.
  • Create a picture in your mind.
  • Think about the important ideas to remember.
  • Correct your reading when things aren’t right.

After Reading

  • Talk about the book.
  • Tell what this book reminds you of: something you have done, something you have seen, something you have read…
  • Act out the story.
  • Make a story map.
  • Pick new books!

Promoting The Development Of Writing Skills

  • Talk, talk, talk.
  • Tell stories
  • Send letters and emails to friends and family.
  • Praise all your child’s attempts.