APS Enrollment & Transfers for Schools and Programs

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April 18 School Board Work Session on the Enrollment and Transfers for Schools and Programs Policy (NEW!)

Superintendent’s April 6 Update to the School Board

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Review, Revise, Refine Meetings

March 30 and April 4 Presentation

Community Meeting (March 30) Video, please note that the same content will be presented at the April 4 meeting.

Share your feedback through Tuesday, April 18

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Feedback forms are open through Monday, April 17, 2017 until 11:59 p.m.

Proposed revisions to the Enrollment & Transfer Policy (25-2.2)

In June 2017, the School Board will vote on revisions to policy 25-2.2 Enrollment and Transfers.  Policy changes will be effective for the 2018-19 school year. 

The current policy is 13 pages long and it includes a mix of policy statements and operational procedures.  The policy made sense in 2001 when enrollment was steady around 19,000 students and we were encouraging families to help us fill under enrolled schools.  Today, APS has more than 26,000 students, and enrollment is growing by an average of 700+ students per year.  The School Board has charged APS with revising policy (25-2.2) to

  • provide blend of neighborhood & option schools,
  • ensure equitable access,
  • simplify the policy, standardize practices, and
  • use community input will shape final revisions.

Join us to learn more about the proposed revisions and to provide feedback on DRAFT #2 (below).  Click on the dates for more details about the community meetings on March 30 or April 4, or watch the live stream of the March 30 meeting.   If you can not attend in person, you can provide feedback online March 31 through April 17.

Feedback received from Getting Started process.

Proposed Revisions to the Enrollment and Transfers for Schools and Programs Policy (SB 25-2.2)  DRAFT 2

Current Policy

Updated 3/23/17

Draft 2 Policy                                            Draft 2 Policy with markups

Draft 2 Preschool PIP                               Draft 2 Preschool PIP with markups

Draft 2 Elementary & Secondary PIP       Draft 2 Elementary & Secondary PIP with markups

Example Table of Schools Accepting Transfers

View the March 15 School Board Work Session on the Enrollment and Transfers for Schools and Programs Policy (NEW!)

Draft 1a – Proposed Policy Revisions (markups included)  (2/8/17)

Draft 1a Borrador: Modificaciones propuestas a la política (Fase 1 – Primeros Pasos) Resaltado y Comentarios Incluidos

Draft 1b – Proposed Policy Revisions (markups excluded) (2/8/17)

Draft 1a – Proposed PIP for 25-2.2 (markups included)  (2/9/17)

Draft 1a – Borrador: Procedimientos de implementación de políticas (PIP) propuestos (Fase 1 – Primeros Pasos) Resaltado y Comentarios Incluidos

Draft 1b – Proposed PIP for 25-2 2 (markups excluded)  (2/9/17)

Updated 2/2/17

At the School Board’s direction, APS is beginning the process of updating SB Policy 25-2.2, Enrollment and Transfers for Schools and Programs. The policy was last completely reviewed and revised in 2001-02.The goal of this review and revision process is three-fold:

  • To make it easier for families to understand the school options available and processes to apply;
  • To align the structure of the policy and procedures with best practices; and
  • To allow for flexibility in making adjustments in the future as we continue to address capacity.

Staff has developed a first draft, and those draft revisions to the policy will be posted online on Wed, Feb. 8, and will be shared with the community for discussion and feedback over the next couple of months. Our goal is to complete the process of reviewing and finalizing it later this spring. Two community discussions are scheduled to kick off the process.  Both meetings will present the same information so that community members only need to attend one: (please note location changes)

  • Wed, Feb. 22. 7pm at Washington-Lee HS (1301 N Stafford St)
  • Thu, Mar. 2 7pm at Wakefield HS (1325 S Dinwiddie St)

We will also live stream the meeting on FaceBook and a videotape of the meeting will be posted on our website for those who cannot attend.


Updated 1/23/17

The  January 9 School Board work session began to inform the community engagement process for revising this policy.

The engagement process will occur between mid-February 2017 and May 2017. Details about community meetings will be posted in early February.

Read the current APS Policy 25-2.2 Enrollment and Transfers for Schools and Programs



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