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The APS Transportation Department is responsible for the safe and timely transportation of students attending Arlington Public Schools. Free school bus transportation is provided to and from school for students living beyond a 1-mile walking distance from elementary schools and a 1.5-miles walking distance from middle and high schools. Over 45 percent of APS students ride buses to and from school.

The Arlington School Board Transportation Policy 50-5 outlines eligibility for transportation, and the Policy Implementation Procedures 50-5.1 provides additional information about “Pupil Transportation.”
Both are available online.

Transportation Update for 2017-2018 School Year

Letters providing information about transportation services for your student for the 2017-18 school year will be mailed during the week of August 22 to allow us time to adjust our routes to accommodate newly-registered children. Transportation letters for students who have been identified with special transportation accommodations intheir IEPs will be mailed to families on August 28.

Transportation Letters

In the last week in August, students who are eligible for transportation services will receive a letter that includes their bus route, bus stop, and pickup time. The lower portion of the letter will include a “bus pass” for the student to present to the driver when boarding the bus.

Transporting Students with Temporary Disabilities

Students who need assistance boarding a school bus due to a temporary disability (such as a cast or use of crutches or a wheel chair) may receive special transportation upon recommendation of the school nurse. Parents should notify the school as soon as possible if their child needs such temporary assistance. The principal will help arrange for safe, appropriate transportation to and from school.


In 2013, Arlington Public Schools launched APS Go!, a community-wide, school-driven process that raises awareness and provides incentives, information and encouragement related to walking, biking, transit, car/vanpooling and school busing. The program, which is the first initiative of its kind in the country, focuses on the transportation needs of all students and staff while also considering the broader interests of the communities located around APS sites. Working in conjunction with the More Seats for More Students initiative and the APS Strategic Plan, Arlington Public Schools developed the APS Go! initiative as a comprehensive and long-term Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan for the district. As described in the Plan, APS Go! is a part of the school district’s efforts to proactively assess the needs of the community, respond to growth and demand, and develop forward-thinking transportation programs.