Become a School Bus Driver with APS!

Smiling Bus Driver

Earn a Commercial  Driver’s License (CDL) without any cost to you!

Bus driver pay starts at $17.80 an hour, with successful completion of paid classroom and on the road training and CDL licensing process.

Eligibility for a 30 hour/week, 11-month contract, when available, at rates starting at $18.79 plus benefits!

Benefits for contracted drivers include:

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Plan
  • Vision Plan
  • Retirement Plan
  • Sick Leave
  • Paid Holidays and Training
  • Summer Opportunities

Students Boarding a Bus


Please be prepared to submit the following when applying:

  • Online “Classified” application
  • A current copy of driving record with at least a 5 year US driving history
  • A copy of a Commercial Driver’s License, if you already possess one (or be eligible to apply for one after training).

For more information about the hiring of school bus drivers or with assistance completing an application, contact Transportation at or contact the APS Human Resources department at (703) 228- 6176.

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