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اطلاع دینے کے طریقہ کار

بمطابق دفعہ 22.1-254.1 of the Code of Virginia, the parent who elects to provide instruction at home for a school age child in lieu of school attendance must provide ارادے کا نوٹس to the Superintendent (c/o Liaison for Home Instruction) annually no later than August 15 of his/her intent to do so. The parent must also include a description of the نصاب to be followed for the coming year and evidence of having met one of the قابلیت listed on the Notice of Intent form (see فارم).

The person who meets one of the qualifications and who elects to provide home instruction during any school year in lieu of school attendance shall notify the Superintendent (c/o Liaison for Home Instruction) no later than August 15 by forwarding a Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction to:

مریم بیتھ پیلوسکی، ہوم انسٹرکشن رابطہ
ارلنگٹن پبلک اسکول سیفیکس ایجوکیشن سینٹر، اکیڈمکس آفس
2110 واشنگٹن بولیورڈ
آرلنگٹن، وی 22204

فون: 703-228-2418

ہوم انسٹرکشن سے متعلق تمام ای میل پوچھ گچھ درج ذیل ای میل ایڈریس پر بھیجی جا سکتی ہیں۔ ہوم انسٹرکشن@apsva.us

سپرنٹنڈنٹ (c/o رابطہ برائے ہوم انسٹرکشن، میری بیتھ پیلوسکی) والدین کی طرف سے جمع کرائی گئی معلومات کا جائزہ لے گا اور والدین کو بذریعہ خط مطلع کرے گا کہ آیا یہ اطلاع ضابطہ ورجینیا کے سیکشن 22.1-254.1 کی تعمیل کرتی ہے یا نہیں۔

اپیل کرنے کا حق

A parent/guardian aggrieved by a decision of the Superintendent regarding home instruction has a right to appeal within 30 days of the date of the decision to an independent hearing officer appointed from a list maintained by the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia. This appeal should be addressed to: Superintendent, Arlington Public Schools 2110 Washington Blvd. Arlington, Virginia 22204 Attention: Chief Officer of Academics. Arlington Public Schools prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, pregnancy or marital status. This policy provides equal access to courses and programs, counseling services, physical education and athletics, vocational education, instructional materials, and extracurricular activities. Violations of this policy should be reported to the Director of Administrative Services at (703) 228-6008 or the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel at (703) 228-6110.

School age children suspected of having an educational disability can be evaluated by Arlington Public Schools at no expense to the family. If you suspect your child may have a disability, you can refer him/her to a Student Study Committee by contacting the Office of Special Education at (703) 228-6040.

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