FAQs – Counselors

Virtual@APS is different from our K-12 Virtual Learning Program. Please visit the VLP site for more information on that program.

Approval to take classes (Virtual or Regular) beyond the usual 7 Period Day and/or Outside of APS


How does a student gain permission to take a course beyond the regular 7 period day during the regular school year (September through June)?
The student’s school counselor must submit a request using the “Online course request form”. When submitted, the request will go to the Office of Secondary Education for review.

What reasons are typically accepted to allow a student to students to take a course in addition to the regular school day?

  1. A senior needs an additional course is order to meet graduation requirements.
  2. A senior has a conflict with other courses required for graduation.
  3. A student needs a course that is not available at the student’s home school.

What if I have a student with a different reason?
The Office of Secondary Education is happy to review all requests.  Please complete the “Online course request form” and provide a rationale.

Does the student’s family have to pay for a virtual course?
Students enrolled in Arlington Public Schools are not charged for courses designated as online in the Arlington Public Schools Program of Studies. Further Arlington Public Schools will be responsible for payment when a course required for graduation an listed in the Program of Studies is:

  1. Not available due to low enrollment.
  2. The student is unable to enroll in traditional setting due to a verifiable scheduling difficulties.
  3. When a Student Study Team has determined and documented that a student will be best served by enrolling in online coursework.

Payment is required for those students who have passed the course but wish to retake that course virtually for higher grade. Additionally families are generally required to pay all costs associated with virtual courses that are not listed in the Program of Studies.

What if a student wants to take a course with a specific vendor that is not already approved?
The parent or guardian is responsible for providing supporting documentation related to the course content for outside vendors as part of the pre-approval process. A syllabus and pacing guide or scope and sequence are acceptable supporting documents. These documents must clearly state that the course level is the same as the level for which the credit is requested. For example, if the request states “Level II,” the course description must state that the course is equivalent to a high school Level II course. The documentation will then be reviewed by the Content Area Supervisor and a letter indicating the outcome of the review will be sent to the school counselor and the family.

How will I know if the request is approved?
School counselor will receive an email with a decision or if additional information is required, the Office of Secondary Education will reach out directly to the school counselor.

Summer Virtual/Online Courses

Does a student need to get permission to take a course in the summer?

Yes. If a student wants a virtual/online summer course to be included on their high school transcript, advanced permission is required.  School counselors should complete the “Online course request form”.

How will a student get registered for a virtual/online summer course?

Registration for approved summer course requests are processed by the Office of Secondary Education for the following online providers:

  1. Virtual@APS (Full year and Spring Semester Sessions)
  2. Virtual Virginia (Full year, Fall Block, Spring Block & Summer Block sessions).
  3. Edgenuity (Open enrollment registration)
  4. EdOptions/Edmentum (Open enrollment registration)

With the exception of the three providers listed above, most online providers allow for parent registration.

Does the student’s family have to pay for a virtual course?
Payment for courses taken during the summer are the responsibility of the parents. This includes any textbooks and or materials required for the course.