Virtual@APS is different from our K-12 Virtual Learning Program. Please visit the VLP site for more information on that program.

Course Approval Process

Please complete a separate form entry for each course being requested.

Courses that are administered by providers outside of Arlington Public Schools establish their own grading system and reporting processes. Students and parents must be aware of these processes as they are controlled by the course provider. Upon completion of a course administered by a provider outside of Arlington Public Schools, an official transcript must be provided to the Director of Counseling Services at the student’s home school in order to register the credit on the student’s transcript. If the course is completed outside of the normal school day or school year, in a location outside of Arlington Public Schools, or if the course does not appear in the Arlington Public Schools Program of Studies, the family of the student requesting the course will be responsible for paying all registration, tuition, materials, and any other fees associated with the course. Requests will be reviewed by the office of the Director of Secondary Education in consultation with curriculum supervisors and communicated directly to the school counselor of record.

Counselors should complete this form only after discussing these processes and procedures with the student and their family and weighing all available options.

Request Form To Take Course Online or Outside APS
(This form must be completed only by the school counselor)

Important reminders when completing the form:

  • Student must have a valid email address.  For registration purposes we can not use a parent’s email address.
  • If the course is to be taken within the school day, you must schedule the student by creating a section in Synergy with the appropriate provider. Additionally a mentor or facilitator must be assigned to the student, and this person will be responsible for proctoring all tests and posting all grades.
  • If the course is to be taken outside the school day, the Office of Secondary Education will create a section in Synergy and student will be concurrently enrolled in the V@APS building.  Student attendance and grading will be excluded.  A final grade will be reported on Synergy by our office upon completion of the course.