Application Process

newThank you for your inquiry about volunteering for Arlington Public Schools. New this year Arlington Public Schools will use Raptor Technologies to manage persons wishing to volunteer.  All volunteers will undergo a sex offender screening and will need to complete the following online application listed below.



Applicants are required to complete all fields that are marked with an asterisk.  In addition, the online application system requires individuals to identify what functions/activities a volunteer wishes to volunteer for, what school or schools they want to volunteer at, and if they are volunteering on behalf of an organization that the school division tracks or partner organization.

Once your application is received, you will receive a generated email that informs you that your application has been received and is currently going through the review process.  Before the volunteer application is approved, the sexual misconduct training will need to be taken and passed.  Liaisons will create an account for the volunteer in Safe Schools and assign the Sexual Misconduct training.  Each volunteer will be informed as to the status of their application once completed.  If you do not hear back about the status of your application within one week please contact your school’s Volunteer and Partner Liaison .

We appreciate your interest in working with our students and our schools!