Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is an annual celebration that highlights the many accomplishments and contributions women have made to society throughout the course of history. There are many great women across the nation who have paved the way for other women, but this year Arlington Public Schools (APS) has decided to celebrate APS employees who are making a difference in the lives of our students. The women featured this month on the APS Women’s History Page, and across APS’ social media platforms are bus drivers, food service workers, executive assistants, analyst,  specialist, clerks and the superintendent.  They all have one thing in common and that is the welfare of our students.

APS is honored to have the opportunity to recognize these employees for their dedication and commitment to APS students and their families. During this month, join us on social media using #APSWomensHistory.

Here are just a few of the women that will be highlighted this month.  Check back for additional APS employees throughout the month.

Jeni Merino PhotoName: Jeni Merino

Title: Executive Administrative Specialist

How does your role in APS provide support to help shape students future?

I am passionate about minority education and even briefly pursued a teaching career after college, working as a teaching assistant at Gunston Middle School. Although my initial plans did not work out, I was able to grow professionally within APS.  My work has involved streamlining many processes within the SCR department, including the Teacher of the Year application process, through which APS highlights our talented teaching force.  I am the woman behind the scene, striving for organizational success, whose work at the higher level trickles down to improve the processes that affect students and teachers alike.

shannonFull Name: Shannan Ellis

Title: Mathematics Supervisor

How are you making a difference in APS?

As the Mathematics Supervisor, I am currently working with an amazing group of educators to rethink what it means to teach and learn mathematics. The wonderful work of mathematics educators entails not only fostering a love of mathematics, but also cultivating the uniqueness and powerful thinking abilities of each of our students.  My goal is to ensure multiple voices and perspectives in our classrooms are regularly heard, all students are challenged to think critically, and that our mathematics classrooms reflect a learning environment that is suitable for today’s student and tomorrow’s need. Last, but not least, my goal is to ensure all students view themselves and are viewed as mathematicians.

IMG_7710[1]Full Name: Catherine Thompson

Title: Lead Speech Language Pathologist & Student Support Coordinator

How are you making a difference in APS?

I strive to help Arlington Public Schools (APS) provide leading speech and language services by connecting APS Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) to top science and research and working with SLPs to proactively identify how to best help students and families. I am excited about equipping our team with the tools that parents expect us to find, and our goals are for us to continue to connect to the best of our field to support our communities of schools, family, and most importantly, students.

claudiaFull Name:  Claudia Mercado

Title: School Board Deputy Clerk/Communications Liaison

How are you making a difference in APS:

I am proud to work for Arlington Public Schools and support its vision to create an inclusive school community. I am passionately driven by a quote from Mona Megahed, “If I’m having a positive impact on one person, I’m doing my job.”

leslyFull NameLesly Caceres

Title: Office Clerk

How are you making a difference in APS?

I make a difference in the transportation department by helping on multiple daily tasks. I currently help the field trip coordinator by making sure field trip assignments are kept up-to-date with the high demands from schools and central offices that we currently have. I assist with route planning and scheduling bus routes.  I enjoy helping others because we work together throughout the APS system so each day we can grow together and become a better and stronger system for our students, colleagues, and the community.