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At both the elementary and secondary levels, the goals and objectives for World Languages instruction in the Arlington Public Schools (APS) reflect the State Standards of Learning (SOL) adopted by the State of Virginia. In addition to the strategic goals set forth by APS, the World Languages Program aims to reach the goals set out by the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) which are: Communities, Communication, Comparisons, Culture, Connections.

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Our vision is to have students communicating enthusiastically about a variety of topics and in multiple contexts while enriching their lives and preparing for a successful future. In order to accomplish our vision, world language instruction begins at the elementary level with the Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program and IB Spanish. It expands to multiple languages at the secondary level and continues through AP and IB allowing students to be challenged and to reach advanced levels.

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French Textbook Adoption Process 2022

The World Languages Office is collaborating with APS staff and community members to adopt a new textbook for the French language program.  A committee was formed to view and select the best textbooks from several publishers.  The committee took part in a two-day first tier selection process and evaluated the content, differentiation strategies, assessments, alignment to the VDOE language proficiency standards, technical quality, and technology tools, with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Two textbooks below have made it to the final round:

EntreCultures from Wayside Publishing

Entre Cultures

Chemins from Vista Higher Learning



APS staff and community are invited to visit the World Languages Office (2nd Floor, Syphax) starting on Wednesday, April 20th, to share their thoughts, comments, and/or concerns about selecting one of these two textbooks for the French Language Program. We appreciate your input!

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Immersion Logo

Dual Language Immersion Visioning Process:

APS is continuing to develop the PreK-Adult Instructional Programs and Pathways (IPP) framework ( The IPP process will include a visioning process for the K-12 dual language immersion (DLI) program, scheduled to begin in February 2021 for completion by early 2022.

For more information on the Dual Language Immersion Visioning Process and Task Force activities, visit the Engage page.

Access to Task Force Meeting Dates, Presentations and Readings

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Congratulations ATDLE 2021 Teacher of the Year!

Dr. Ana Munoz Gonzalez
Dr. Munoz Gonzalez

We are very proud to share that Dr. Ana  Muñoz Gonzalez has been awarded the Association of Two-way Dual Language Education, (ATDLE) 2021 Secondary Dual Language Immersion Teacher of the Year Award.This award is designed to recognize a TWBI/DLI educator who is making significant contributions to his/her community in teaching and promoting bilingualism/bi-literacy for all children.Dr. Muñoz Gonzalez has been a Dual Language Immersion, (DLI) teacher for APS at Wakefield High School since 2016 where she teaches both Intensified Biology and Chemistry in Spanish to our DLI students. Dr. Muñoz Gonzalez is a servant leader whose classroom stands out.  She engages her students in critical thinking as they learn the sciences.   Dr. Muñoz Gonzalez  both models learning and gets students excited about their own progress as she is both a teacher and a research scientist.  As a teacher, Dr. Muñoz Gonzalez clearly understands the intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of the age group she teaches and has created a caring and respectful environment while authentically engaging students in meaningful learning.  Using her PhD in Biology as a background, Dr. Muñoz Gonzalez had students implement CRISPR gene editing using onions.  As a research scientist, she is researching how to make the learning process more efficient according to the biological pathways for the bilingual brain.  In addition to her work at APS, Dr. Muñoz Gonzalez is in charge of Españoles Científicos en USA, (ECUSA) educational program for the DC area.  In her role with ECUSA, she is committed to closing the achievement gap in science in the Latino community by doing outreach and hands-on activities in Spanish with Latino youth.Dr. Muñoz Gonzalez’ calm nature, intelligence, warm affect, curiosity, belief in students’ ability coupled with rigorous expectations results in excellent student achievement.THE 2021 ATDLE TEACHER OF THE YEAR IS AWARDED THE FOLLOWING:

  • Complimentary registration to the 29th Annual National Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Conference in June 2021
  • Classroom library selections from Lectorum Publishers
  •  $1000 cash award to support classroom activities



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