APS 走! 政策审查

此页面提供了对现有内容的审查发现的结果 APS policies which may impact travel to school.可能影响到学校旅行的政策。 This task was not intended to identify specific policy recommendations, but to gain an understanding of the existing policy framework available to support TDM strategies, and identify possible areas of opportunity for该任务的目的不是确定特定的政策建议,而是要了解可用于支持TDM战略的现有政策框架,并确定可能的机会领域 APS。 Specific policy recommendations will follow将会有具体的政策建议 APS确定目标的预期目标和绩效目标 APS TDM总体规划。

APS 政策审查