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APS 学生在2018年SAT和ACT成绩上超过州和国家

昨天,弗吉尼亚州教育局(VDOE)发布了 2018弗吉尼亚州SAT测试结果,并且本月初VDOE发布了 2018年弗吉尼亚州ACT测试结果。 Results for both college admissions tests indicate that两次大学入学考试的结果均表明 APS students continue to outperform their state and nationwide peers by significant margins.学生继续以可观的优势跑遍州和全国同龄人。 The combined SAT scores for Arlington's 2018 graduates outpace the Virginia average by 81 points, and the national averages by 142 points.阿灵顿2018届毕业生的综合SAT成绩比弗吉尼亚州平均成绩高20.4分,而全国平均水平则高23.9分。 Similarly, while the overall average 26.6 ACT composite scores of US students was XNUMX, and for Virginia students was XNUMX, Arlington students surpassed their peers with average composite scores of XNUMX.同样,尽管美国学生的XNUMX年ACT总体平均综合得分为XNUMX,而弗吉尼亚学生为XNUMX,但阿灵顿学生的平均综合得分为XNUMX,超过了同龄人。

“恭喜我们的学生和应届毕业生在SAT和ACT考试中的学习成绩。 These are just one indication among the many ways we assess how well our students are prepared and ready for college, career or the path of their choice,” said这些只是我们评估学生为大学,职业或选择之路做好准备和准备的多种方式中的一种。” APS “我也要感谢我们令人难以置信的教师,校长,家庭,志愿者和合作伙伴社区,该社区围绕并支持我们的学生,通过他们的教学旅程及其他。”

Murphy continued, “While our students outperformed their peers across the state and nation in all demographic groups, the data also highlights the need to continue our work to expand and strengthen access to academic opportunities that foster success for all students.墨菲继续说:“虽然我们的学生在所有人口统计群体中的表现都优于全州和全国同龄人,但这些数据也突显了继续开展工作以扩大和加强获得所有学生成功机会的学术机会的必要性。 This is a key focus of the 2018-24这是XNUMX-XNUMX年的重点 APS 战略计划以及SAT和ACT分数将有效衡量我们在这一领域的进展。” 



详细 SAT结果 APS 毕业生(2017-18) 张贴在 APS website.网站。 Note: The College Board revised the SAT in 2016 to better align the test with high school content standards and academic skills identified as important to success in college.注意:大学理事会在XNUMX年对SAT进行了修订,以使考试与高中内容标准和被认为对大学成功至关重要的学术技能更加一致。

详细 的ACT结果 APS 毕业生(2014-18) 也发布在网站上。