APS 新闻发布



All of us on the School Board thank Dr. Murphy for his years of service in public education in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and for his commitment to student success in Arlington over the past decade.校董会上的所有人都感谢墨菲博士在弗吉尼亚州公共教育领域的多年工作,以及他过去十年来为学生在阿灵顿取得成功所做的承诺。 We wish him much good fortune in his retirement from我们祝他退休后的好运 APS 并在他的未来努力中。

校务委员会现在正在前进,并将很快宣布计划执行寻找新校长的工作,并填补学校系统中的其他关键空缺。 我们很高兴墨菲博士将在整个夏季继续进行这一工作,继续担任他的职务。 阿灵顿是一个杰出的社区,我们将寻找一名负责人,他是杰出的领导者和教育者,并将继续为阿灵顿的学习者推进我们的工作。

我们认为这是与员工,家庭和社区成员合作选择新领导力的机会,这将进一步加强 APS。 The School Board is committed to working with the community on a thoughtful and effective process to find a leader who will continue to inspire excellence, elevate our work and propel us forward as a school system.校务委员会致力于与社区合作,经过深思熟虑且有效的过程,以找到一位能够继续激励卓越,提升我们的工作水平并推动我们成为学校体系的领导者。

We are a top school system in the Commonwealth of Virginia because of the quality of our instructional programs, teachers and staff.由于我们的教学计划,老师和职员的质量,我们是弗吉尼亚联邦的顶尖学校系统。 They are at the core of our success.它们是我们成功的核心。 We are ready to move forward on current initiatives, including new schools and programs opening in the fall, with new leadership and the talents and support of我们准备推进当前的举措,包括在秋季开放的新学校和计划,以及新的领导,人才和支持。 APS staff.员工。 With the recently adopted 2018-24 Strategic Plan as our guide, we are committed to maintaining our momentum during this transition to deliver on our tradition of excellence.以最近通过的《 XNUMX-XNUMX年战略计划》为指导,我们致力于在过渡期间保持动力,以延续我们的卓越传统。