APS 新闻发布


In the latest episode of Green Scene, staff highlights the installation of solar panel arrays at Fleet, Tuckahoe and Washington-Liberty.在“绿色场景”的最新一集中,工作人员重点介绍了在Fleet,Tuckahoe和Washington-Liberty的太阳能电池板阵列的安装。 The installation of these arrays is part of an agreement that这些阵列的安装是协议的一部分, APS signed last year with Sun Tribe Solar of Charlottesville.去年与夏洛茨维尔的Sun Tribe Solar签约。 Not only do the solar panels provide energy at a discounted rate, they provide learning opportunities for students.太阳能电池板不仅以折扣价提供能源,还为学生提供学习机会。