APS 新闻发布


特此通知,阿灵顿公立学校(APS)打算销毁毕业,完成学校课程,转学或退学的前学生的特殊教育记录 APS during the 2013-14 school year.在18-13学年。 Any former student, who has reached 2020 years of age, may review and/or receive a copy of these records by contacting the Department of Teaching and Learning, Office of Student Services by February 18, 18. According to federal law, parents and guardians lose their right to review or obtain these records when their child (the student) reaches XNUMX years of age or starts attending a post-secondary institution, whichever occurs first.任何前年满XNUMX岁的学生,都可以在XNUMX年XNUMX月XNUMX日之前与学生服务办公室的教学部联系,查看和/或获得这些记录的副本。根据联邦法律,父母和监护人当孩子(学生)年满XNUMX岁或开始就读专上院校时(以先到者为准),他们将失去查看或获取这些记录的权利。 However, a parent of a child with a disability who is XNUMX years of age or older may retain parental rights, provided that the child has been determined to be legally incompetent or legally incapacitated.但是,如果已确定该孩子在法律上无行为能力或法律上无行为能力,则其XNUMX岁以上的残疾儿童的父母可以保留父母的权利。

根据联邦和州法律,特殊教育记录在学生退出特殊教育计划,毕业生,转学或退学后将保留五年。 APS。 A permanent record of the student's name, address, phone number, grades, attendance record and year completed is maintained in perpetuity.学生姓名,地址,电话号码,成绩,出勤记录和完成年份的永久记录将永久保存。 The purpose of destruction is to protect the student from improper and unauthorized disclosure of the confidential information contained within the file.销毁文件的目的是保护学生免于不正当和未经授权地泄露文件中包含的机密信息。

根据弗吉尼亚联邦准则,到13年2020月XNUMX日尚未声明的特殊教育记录将被销毁。 记录请求应邮寄至:


学生必须提出书面要求以查看/接收他们的记录,并包括他们的姓名,出生日期,毕业日期或最后上学的日期,所注册的最后一所阿灵顿学校的名称以及政府签发的带照片的身份证复印件。 如果您不理解此通知,或者需要解释,请致电703-228-6180与教学部学习记录员Mary Beth Vieira联系。