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APS 提出了兩項探索2021-22年移動部分小學的提案

Arlington Public Schools shared two proposals for relocating some elementary schools in advance of the Fall 2020 Elementary Boundary Process.阿靈頓公立學校(Arlington Public Sc​​hools)提出了兩項建議,要求在XNUMX年秋季基本邊界流程之前對一些小學進行遷移。 The proposals are posted online for community input and will be reviewed and potentially revised as提案已在線發布以徵詢社區意見,並將進行審核並可能修訂為 APS 收集利益相關者的想法和建議



這個秋天, APS opened five new schools and programs.開設了五所新學校和計劃。 Check out photos and videos from those events.查看這些活動的照片和視頻。