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APS 宣布新的在線地址更改請求流程

Due to schools being closed for the COVID-19 pandemic, families have been unable to change their address if they have moved recently, so this new process will allow families to submit a request to change their address online.由於學校因COVID-XNUMX大流行而關閉,因此,如果家庭最近搬家,他們將無法更改其地址,因此,這一新流程將允許家庭提交在線更改地址的請求。 Families should update their address as soon as they move to ensure their correct address is listed in the student information system so they can receive important mail from家人應盡快搬家,以確保他們在學生信息系統中列出了正確的地址,以便他們可以接收來自以下方面的重要郵件: APS。 A complete list of the documents accepted for proof of address are available online.可在線獲取地址證明接受文件的完整列表。

家人可以訪問以下地址訪問“地址更改請求”表單和安全上傳鏈接以上傳其文檔: 地址更改請求 webpage.網頁。 The documents families submit online are shared with與家人在線提交的文件共享 APS through a secure website.通過安全的網站。 Families should never send registration documents to schools through email and should only use the secure upload website for privacy and information security reasons.家庭絕不應該通過電子郵件將註冊文件發送給學校,並且出於隱私和信息安全的原因,只能使用安全的上傳網站。

如果需要其他文件來完成地址更改過程,或者對地址更改請求有任何疑問,學校註冊員將與家庭聯繫。 地址更改完成後,家庭將收到一封確認電子郵件。

有關其他信息或問題,請聯繫 APS 歡迎中心703-228-8000或 學校選擇@aps價值.