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克萊爾·彼得斯(Claire Peters)被任命為關鍵地點的新小學校長

克萊爾·彼得斯(Claire Peters)Claire Peters was named Principal of the new neighborhood elementary school at the Key site.克萊爾·彼得斯(Claire Peters)被任命為Key網站新鄰里小學的校長。 Peters has been an educator serving彼得斯一直是一名教育工作者 APS 19年。 她擁有弗吉尼亞大學的學士學位和兩個碩士學位。

“克萊爾曾任職 APS “我相信她的背景使她成為將教職員工,學生和家庭聚集在一起以在新小學建立真正社區意識的合適人選,我們祝賀她這一當之無愧的下一步 APS 事業。”

她的職業生涯始於 APS as a social studies teacher at Washington-Liberty High School.在華盛頓自由中學擔任社會研究老師。 She taught for 10 years before moving into an assistant principal position in 2011 at Washington-Liberty.她任教XNUMX年,然後於XNUMX年升任華盛頓自由大學的助理校長。

Claire has demonstrated a commitment to professional growth throughout her career.克萊爾在她的整個職業生涯中都表現出對職業發展的承諾。 She has participated in train-the-trainer professional learning for Understanding by Design, taken part in collaborative training for Adaptive Schools and Sheltered Instructional Observation Protocol (SIOP), and led professional learning on Trauma Informed Instruction and Restorative Practices to build and maintain community at the classroom and school level.她曾參加過“通過設計理解”的培訓師專業學習,還參加了適應性學校和庇護教學觀察協議(SIOP)的協作培訓,並領導了有關創傷知情指導和恢復性實踐的專業學習,以建立和維護社區。教室和學校級別。 She has been recognized by the College Summit organization as an administrator of the year and been selected to serve as a co-chair for the她被大學峰會組織認可為年度管理員,並被選為該協會的聯合主席。 APS 校長助理。

在她的整個職業生涯中 APS,克萊爾(Claire)與學生和教職員工進行了廣泛的合作,創建了一個熱情友好的學習環境,所有學生都可以得到高質量的指導。 She collaborated with staff to implement the 9th grade transition program at Washington-Liberty and continued to enhance the program to ensure students successfully transitioned from middle to high school.她與員工合作在華盛頓自由大學實施了XNUMX年級過渡計劃,並繼續加強該計劃,以確保學生成功地從中學過渡到高中。