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最終的高中邊界優化選項和相關數據已在線發佈在 董事會文件 有關1年2016月XNUMX日的學校董事會訴訟的信息。 萬維網。apsva.us/aps邊界.

At the Nov. 9 School Board Work Session on high school boundary refinements, a number of questions were raised about the two slides that addressed capacity utilization.在XNUMX月XNUMX日關於高中邊界改進的校務委員會工作會議上,關於處理容量利用率的兩張幻燈片提出了許多問題。 Staff reviewed and revised the projected movement of students which resulted in some adjustments.工作人員審查並修訂了學生的預計流動,從而進行了一些調整。 To make sure that為了確保 APS estimates were accurate, Dr. Richard Grip was asked to review and validate all of the projections as well as calculation methodology.估算是準確的,Richard Grip博士被要求審查和驗證所有預測以及計算方法。 Dr. Grip worked with格里普博士曾與 APS 和阿靈頓縣就最近的阿靈頓社區設施研究,他驗證並確認 APS processes for projecting student enrollment.預測學生入學的過程。 The data for each of the four proposed options remains the same.四個建議選項中每個選項的數據均相同。