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擬議的2019財年 APS 預算

6月2019日-有關校務委員會9財年預算案的校務委員會/縣董事會聯合工作會議將於上午307點在縣議會辦公室(Clarendon Blvd 2100)XNUMX室舉行。 萬維網。apsva.us/budget-finance/. 

 2018-24 APS 戰略計劃
2月2018日,《 24-XNUMX年戰略計劃》的完整草案將發佈在 萬維網。aps價值/參與 with an online questionnaire so community members can share their thoughts on the draft.通過在線問卷,社區成員可以分享他們對草案的想法。 A Steering Committee comprised of parents, staff, students and other community members has been working since Fall 2017 to develop this plan that will chart a six-year course for自XNUMX年秋季以來,由父母,教職員工,學生和其他社區成員組成的指導委員會一直在努力製定此計劃,該計劃將規劃一個為期六年的課程 APS students, staff and the school division as a whole.學生,教職員工和整個學校部門。 As the committee has drafted mission and vision statements, core values, and goals and strategies, these drafts have been produced for review and input from the larger community to help refine and finalize these sections of the plan.當委員會起草了使命和願景聲明,核心價值以及目標和戰略時,這些草案已經起草,以供廣大社區進行審核和輸入,以幫助完善和最終確定計劃的這些部分。 For more information, visit有關更多信息,請訪問 萬維網。apsva.us/engage/strategy-plan/.