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Task Force: Dual Language Immersion Visioning Process


Process to form Task Force

Central Office staff – Department Supervisors recommended a staff member from their Department. Preference was given to staff who are bilingual (Spanish/English) and/or have experience with the Dual Language Immersion program.

School-based Administrator– Principals will identify whether they or a member of their administrative team will serve on the Task Force.

School-based Staff – Principals will select staff for the Task Force. Elementary staff will include English and Spanish side teachers.

 Parents – At the elementary and middle school level, PTA presidents from each school will identify a member or former member of their school community to serve as the parent rep on the Task Force. PTA presidents will share their selection with the school Principal by Wednesday, April 28.

  • Bilingual parents are preferred (Spanish/English) but not required.
  • Must have a child in the Dual Language Immersion program or one who completed the APS Dual Immersion program.
  • Knowledge of the Dual Language Immersion program

Task Force Composition (Led by the Department of Teaching and Learning)

Central Office Staff

Sarah Putnam, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Elisabeth Harrington, Supervisor of World Languages

Rebeca Prell, World Languages Specialist

Jonathan Turrisi, Director of Strategic Planning

 Kati Costar, Office of English Learners

Caitlin Sherman, Special Education

Amanda Dempsey, Arlington Tiered System of Support

Carolyn Jackson, Office of Equity & Inclusion

Consultant (1) – Rosa Molina, Executive Director of the Association of Two-way Dual Language Education (ATDLE)

School Board Member (1) – Cristina Diaz-Torres

World Language Advisory Committee Chair (1) – Adriana McQuillan


Administrator (1) – Frances Lee

Teachers (1) -Ana Munoz

Parent (2) – Cynthia Cocuesta Cuttier, Bill Gillen


Administrator (1) -Dena Gollopp

Teachers (3) – Nadia Robles, Daniel Rios, Megan Stetson

Parent (2) – Lyzbeth Monard, Jenny Rizzo


Administrator (1) – Jessica Panfil

Teachers (3) – Claudia Delgadillo, Laura Mufson, Wendy Bermudez

Parent (2) – Marizol Rocha, Melissa Schwaber-Mills


Administrator (1) – Denise Santiago

Teachers (3) – Esmeralda Alomia, Jeremy Sullivan, Meg Enriquez

Parent (2) – Natalie Hardin, Erin Freas-Smith

Announcement date of all Task Force Members – Monday, May 3