Bus Transportation

Free school bus transportation is provided to and from school for students living beyond a 1-mile walking distance from elementary schools and a 1.5-miles walking distance from middle and high schools. More than 65 percent of APS students ride buses to and from school. The Arlington School Board Transportation Policy and Options and Transfers Policy outlines eligibility for transportation, and the Policy Implementation Procedures E-5.1 PIP-1 provides additional information about “Pupil Transportation.” Both are available through the School Board policies online.

Transportation on Early Release Days

Families should review early release times for their school here: https://www.apsva.us/school-locations/school-start-end-times/ Dismissal buses are scheduled to arrive at the afternoon stop based on the early release times.  Families of elementary students should expect buses to arrive at their stops approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes earlier than on full days.

Transportation Reminder for Jefferson and Kenmore Neighborhood Transfer Students

Beginning with the 2021-22 school year, families whose students use a neighborhood transfer to attend Jefferson or Kenmore  will be responsible for their students’ transportation.  No bus service is provided.

Summer School Bus Information

For summer school bus information click here.

Fall Transportation Information

Fall bus assignments for bus eligible students will be posted in ParentVue the week before school begins.

Transporting Students with Temporary Disabilities

Students who need assistance boarding a school bus due to a temporary disability (such as a cast or use of crutches or a wheel chair) may receive special transportation upon recommendation of the school nurse. Parents should notify the school as soon as possible if their child needs such temporary assistance. The principal will help arrange for safe, appropriate transportation to and from school.