Rider Regulations

For Pupils Riding School Buses (Bus Safety & Behavior)

The Arlington School Board policy on “Bus Safety and Behavior” states that misbehavior and/or safety violations on any school bus under its jurisdiction will not be tolerated. The Board recognizes that pupil transportation is a privilege, not a right, and the Board reserves the authority to require students to follow standards which ensure the safety of all concerned.

These regulations implement the School Board’s policy and will be provided to all pupils who ride Arlington County Public School buses. Parents / guardians and pupils will receive a list of rules and regulations in their child’s First Day packet through backpack mail. Parents and pupils should read the information contained in these regulations and sign the form provided that acknowledges they have read and understand the rules and regulations. Failure of a parent / guardian and pupil to sign and return the form does not exclude one from abiding by the Regulations for Pupils Riding School Buses.

Administrative Guidelines – Meeting and Boarding the Bus

Pupils Must:

  • Arrive to the bus wearing a mask.  Family members joining them also should wear a mask.
  • Maintain 6 feet of distance from non-family members while waiting at the stop.
  • Ride only the bus or buses assigned to them, except when exempted by proper authority.
  • Be on time. Arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time for the bus to arrive at the bus stop.
  • Stay out of and away from the street.
  • Not engage in activities that will endanger themselves or their companions while waiting at the bus stop.
  • Board the bus in an orderly manner after completing and passing a health screening.
  • Parents should monitor and supervise young children at bus stops. It is strongly recommended that parent or designee accompany children to and from the bus stop location.
  • Always cross the street in front of the bus.  Wave to the driver to be sure he or she can see you crossing.

Conduct on the Bus

Pupils Must:

  • Recognize that the bus driver is the authority on the school bus; obey the bus driver and be courteous to him or her and to fellow students. The driver has the authority to assign seats to maintain discipline or promote safety.
  • Keep your mask on.
  • Go directly to an unmarked seat.
  • Except for the purposes of exiting at one’s bus stop, remain seated until directed by the driver to do otherwise.
  • Obey the safety patrol or bus monitor.
  • DO Not mark on or deface bus. The pupil or parent / guardian will be required to pay for willful or careless damage.
  • DO NOT smoke on any bus.
  • DO NOT use profanity or indecent language.
  • DO NOT eat or drink in a bus.
  • DO NOT spit in, upon or out of any bus.
  • DO NOT discard litter in or from the bus.
  • DO NOT play any radio, cassette recorder, ear plugs or such instruments.
  • DO NOT carry any flammable liquids, live animals, birds, explosives, acids, and other dangerous articles or weapons.
  • DO NOT stand in front of the first seat or otherwise conduct themselves in such a manner as to obstruct the vision of the bus driver.
  • DO NOT carry on the bus any oversized objects, such as band instruments, that would block the aisle, cause loss of passenger seat space, or obstruct the driver’s view. Such objects will be permitted only if they can be held in the pupil’s lap.
  • DO NOT exit any bus through the emergency door / exit unless directed to do so by the bus driver.
  • DO NOT climb through a window / exit or extend any part of the body out of windows of any bus, except when necessary to preserve the safety of any person under emergency conditions.
  • HAVE written request from parents to go home any other way than the regular way, subject to approval by school principal. Bus drivers must be notified by the school office when approval is given to a pupil to change bus route.

Supervised Bus Trips

The rules outlined above will apply to supervised, school sponsored bus trips (such as field trips and athletic or other contest).