Volunteers and Partnerships

Thank you for your interest in volunteering and/or partnering with Arlington Public Schools. Our partners and volunteers provide opportunities for our students to grow and connect with local businesses and community organizations.

Who are the APS Volunteers & Partners?

Volunteers are people like you who donate their time regularly in schools to assist with activities that enhance instruction, promote learning, and provide support to students and staff.

Partners are volunteers that are associated with a particular business or organization.

Types of APS Partners:

  1. Resource Partners provide space, gift certificates, incentive prizes, financial or in-kind donations.
  2. Service Partners provide mentors, tutors, guest speakers, workshops, internship opportunities and/or job shadowing opportunities.
  3. Strategic Partners have taken an extra step to ensure the life of the partnership by creating a partnership agreement with goals and outcomes that support both the APS Strategic Plan and the partner’s organizational goals. Strategic partners are resource and/or service partners as well.

How Can You Get Involved?

There are many volunteer opportunities for you to participate in! You can also connect with the Volunteer and Partnership Liaison at your neighborhood school to learn more about how you can provide support. For more information, visit the Volunteer Application Form page.

You may also want to check out our partnership ideas to be involved with a school near you! According to our most recent survey of teachers and schools, more than 500 businesses and community organizations provide over 600 partnership relationships with the schools and programs in APS. The listing of these partnerships can be found in the Directory of Partners.



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