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Extended Day Program Information

About Extended Day

The Extended Day Program, which includes the middle school Check-In programs, plays a critical role in the development of young people’s social, emotional, and academic skills, with over 400 childcare professionals working daily to meet the individual needs of each child and the expectations of every family.

Extended Day provides a safe, enriching, and fun environment before and after school each day for over 4,000 children. It also operates during the summer in conjunction with the APS Summer School Program. An integral part of the Arlington community, Extended Day supports the educational mission of APS by:

  • Offering daily opportunities for children to participate in asset-building activities and experiences
  • Instilling feelings of value, competence, and confidence in each child
  • Building positive relationships with children, families, and the community
  • Valuing the cultural diversity of the students
  • Providing a high level of customer service to meet the needs of families
  • Hiring and training qualified and experienced staff

The Arlington Public Schools Extended Day programs operate exempt from state licensure, per VA Code. However, the Extended Day programs comply with state licensing standards and are monitored by the Extended Day Central Office, which conducts at least two monitoring visits annually. There is no direct oversight by the Virginia Department of Social Services.

Check-In Program (Middle School Extended Day)

The Check-In program is Extended Day’s after school program for middle school students at Dorothy Hamm, Gunston, Jefferson, Kenmore, Swanson, and Williamsburg. The Check-in program operates each day after school from school dismissal until 6 p.m.

The Check-In program provides students with a structured, supervised environment that allows them to participate in a variety of Check-In activities and extracurricular activities at their middle school.

The Check-in staff works with the students to plan and implement activities that build Developmental Assets and positive relationships. There is also time each day for the students to work on homework.Each middle school offers a variety of extracurricular activities and many Check-in students participate in the various clubs, sports, and other school-sponsored events. Students who are enrolled in Check-in must sign-in at Check-in before they go to a school activity. After the activity, they must return to the Check-in program. Check-in students, with parental permission, are also able to sign themselves out and leave the school campus. Once a child has signed out for the day they cannot return to the Check-in program.

Daily Snack

The Extended Day Program offers a healthy, tasty snack every afternoon at each school. In addition to vegetables and fruits, the various snacks include other healthy items such as yogurt, cheese, trail mix, whole grain crackers and whole wheat muffins. Beverages include milk and 100% juices.

Fairfax Food Service delivers snacks, which are USDA approved and meet Virginia Department of Social Services licensing standards, to each Extended Day and Check-in Program. Snack menus are created each month by Fairfax Food Service, with oversight by the Extended Day Office to ensure only approved, healthy items are served.

The menus are posted at each site and available online. The Extended Day program continues to work closely with families to accommodate children with specific dietary needs (appropriate forms and information must be on file with School Health).

If you have questions or concerns regarding the daily snack, please contact us online at extended.day@apsva.us or by calling the Extended Day Central Office at 703-228-6069.

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Delayed Openings & Closings Policy

In the event that schools have an unscheduled delayed opening, early closing, or are closed entirely, the Extended Day programs follow the guidelines below:

  • When schools are closed for the entire day, the Extended Day Program is also closed.
  • When schools open two hours late, the Extended Day Program also opens two hours late.
  • When schools unexpectedly close early (i.e. inclement weather), the Extended Day Program will be closed and students will need to be picked up at school dismissal.
  • When schools close at the regular time, but after-school activities are canceled, the Extended Day Program closes at 6 p.m.

In the event of inclement weather, parents are asked to plan for extra travel time to ensure that students are picked up before the program closing time.

Fees Information

Please visit the Fees & Payments page for Fees, tax info, and more.

Extended Day Family Handbook

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