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Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal civil rights law that prohibits sex discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal dollars.

Arlington Public Schools provides equal educational opportunities and working and learning environments that are free of discrimination, including harassment, on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity or expression. Arlington Public Schools designs its educational facilities, programs and activities from an equity-based perspective, to meet the varying needs of all students.

Title IX Investigators by School

Secondary Program Investigators

School/Program Name Title Email Phone
Arlington Career Center Bowerman, Rachel Asst. Principal rachel.bowerman@apsva.us 703-228-5800
Arlington Community High School Allen, Jeannette Asst. Principal jeannette.allen@apsva.us 703-228-8233
Dorothy Hamm Moore, Lisa Asst. Principal lisa.moore@apsva.us 703-228-2916
Gunston Bruce, Dr. Kevon Director of Counseling Kevon.bruce@apsva.us 703-228-6912
H-B Woodlawn Seche, Kate Asst. Principal kate.seche@apsva.us 703-228-6363
Kenmore Bresnahan, Katlin Director of Counseling kaitlin.bresnahan@apsva.us 703-228-6806
Langston/New Directions Jackson, Kimberly Principal Kimberly.jackson@apsva.us 703-228-5294
Shriver Hewan, George Principal george.hewan@apsva.us 703-228-6440
Swanson Loft, Bridget Principal bridget.loft@apsva.us 703-228-5505
TJMS Hanson, Robert Asst. Principal robert.hanson@apsva.us 703-228-5895
Wakefield Barnes, Brandi Dean brandi.barnes@apsva.us 703-228-6674
Washington-Liberty Baskin, Roger Dean Roger.Baskin@apsva.us 703-228-6245
Williamsburg Koutsouftikis, John Asst. Principal john.koutsouftikis@apsva.us 703-228-5450
Yorktown Jenkins, Juanice Dean juanice.jenkins@apsva.us 703-228-5432

Elementary Program Investigators

School/Program Name Title Email Phone
Abingdon Oliveira, Anne Asst. Principal anne.oliveira@apsva.us 703-228-6650
Arlington Science Focus Sokolove, Eric Asst. Principal eric.sokolove@apsva.us 703-228-7670
Arlington Traditional School Podbelski, Sam Principal sameul.podbelski@apsva.us 703-228-5942
Ashlawn Holly Vesilind Asst. Principal holly.vesilind@aspva.us 703-228-5270
Barcroft Flores, Marcelo Asst. Principal alvaro.flores@apsva.us 703-228-5838
Barrett Littman, Amin Asst. Principal amin.littman@apsva.us 703-228-4722
Campbell Anselmo, Karen Asst. Principal karen.anselmo@apsva.us 703-228-8447
Cardinal Brown, Colin Principal colin.brown@apsva.us 703-228-5280
Carlin Springs Enis Al Majeed Asst. Principal enis.almajeed@apsva.us 703-228-6645
Claremont Wales-Smith, Erin Asst. Principal erin.walessmith@apsva.us 703-228-2513
Discovery Seeber, Judy Asst. Principal judith.seeber@apsva.us 703-228-2685
Dr. Charles Drew Welch, James Asst. Principal James.Welch@apsva.us 703-228-5825
Alice West Fleet Ward, Rebecca Asst. Principal rebecca.ward@apsva.us 703-228-5820
Glebe Clarke-Marshall, Ingrid Asst. Principal i.clarkemarshall@apsva.us 703-228-6280
Hoffman-Boston Autumn Workman Asst. Principal autumn.kenney@apsva.us  703-228-2226
Innovation Peters, Claire Principal claire.peters@apsva.us 703-228-2700
Jamestown Roache, Dr. Monica Asst. Principal monica.roache@apsva.us 703-228-5275
Escuela Key Wilson Ramirez Asst. Principal wilson.ramirez@apsva.us 703-228-4210
Long Branch Deitra Pulliam Asst. Principal deitra.pulliam@apsva.us 703-228-4220
Montessori Public Nashid, Yoland Asst. Principal yolanda.nashid@apsva.us 703-228-8871
Nottingham Lynch, Dr. Megan Asst. Principal megan.Lynch@apsva.us 703-915-1974
Oakridge Wright, Lynne Principal Lynne.Wright@apsva.us 703-228-5840
Randolph Paula Davis Asst. Principal paula.davis@apsva.us 703-228-8191
Taylor Sherman, Caitlin Asst. Principal Caitlin.Sherman@apsva.us 703-228-6275
Tuckahoe Maurer, Michele Asst. Principal michele.maurer@apsva.us 703-228-5288


Sedrick Ross, Title IX Coordinator

Arlington Public Schools
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Student Support
2110 Washington Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22204