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Language Services

Language Services, within the Welcome Center, provides language accessibility services to families, students, and school staff, and assists with registration for non-English speaking families.


APS provides oral interpretation services from and into English and the four main languages spoken by our students and families: Spanish, Amharic, Arabic and Mongolian, and other common languages. These services are customarily provided during the following events:

  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Special education conferences
  • School meetings
  • Other school functions such as Kindergarten, Middle School and High School Information Nights

Language Line services (simultaneous interpretation over the phone) are also available to schools.

How to Request Translation and Interpretation Services 

  • In Person

When visiting your child’s school, you may ask for an interpreter who speaks your language.  Staff will secure an interpreter on the phone via Language Line to help you.  Schools may arrange for face-to-face interpreters for most languages with prior notice.

  • Over the Phone

The Bilingual Family Specialist (BFSs) at your school can assist you if you have questions about translation or interpretation services.  You may also contact your school’s main office for guidance on how to access translation and interpretation services.

  • On the APS Website

Arlington Public Schools’ webpages may be translated via “machine translation” powered by Google.  By selecting a language from the menu in the upper left corner of any APS web page, you may convert the page into a language other than English.

ASL Interpreter/CLT Requests

The form is used to request an ASL Interpreter/CLT for all or part of the school day to include requests for substitute interpreters. This form is available to parents/guardians visiting schools, students with IEPs, and DHH staff. You must sign into your APS google account.

Please choose one of the following:


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Arlington Public Schools provides written language translation services for staff. Documents related to student processes and supports are translated by staff request for parents who speak languages other than English.

Requesting Translations

The link for translation requests has been moved to the “Useful Links” section of Staff Central. Please login to Staff Central to request document translations.

Translation questions

Contact Jeff Lash at 703-228-8041 or jeffrey.lash@apsva.us.

Plan Ahead

The turn-around time for a translation job is 10 business days.  Depending on our translators workloads, jobs may (and often do) come back sooner, but please allow 10 days just in case.

Welcome Center & Language Services
Syphax Education Center

2110 Washington Blvd
Arlington, VA 22204

Fax: 703-228-7205

Supervisor of Student Registration, Sarah Looney

Coordinator, Jeff Lash

Front Office:

Gabriela Delcid, Clerical Assistant

Juana Luna, Administrative Assistant


Shiraz Bensalem, Registrar

Sonia Wayar, Registrar

Tuguldur Batmunkh, Registrar

Vanessa Ventura, Registration Services Technician

Language Services Coordination:

Interpretation, Tuguldur Batmunkh

Translation, Stella Martinez, Translation Specialist

ASL/CLT Services:

Interpreter Coordinator, Nicole Reynolds

Student Assessment:

Assessment Specialist, Florence Dale                                                                                                                            703-228-8005                                                                                                                                florence.dale@apsva.us 

Interpreting Jobs

If you are a qualified interpreter approved by the LSRC, we have sent you an email with detailed instructions how to sign up for jobs. Please check your email for the direct link to the available Interpreting Jobs within Arlington Public Schools.

If you haven’t received an email or you are a newly registered interpreter, please contact us at LSRC@apsva.us or call at 703- 228-7663 OR 703-228-8010 for access.