Language Services Registration Center


Welcome to the Language Service Registration Center (LSRC), a service of the Arlington Public Schools’ Department of Teaching and Learning.

The LSRC facilitates the school registration process for families with English as a Second Language, and provides language support to families, students, and schools through translation and interpretation services.

What we do:

  • Student registration. See requirements ;
  • Assessment of students with other language background;
  • Foreign high schools’ transcript evaluation for students who are eligible to Arlington Public Schools;
  • Introduce families to the different schools and alternative programs;
  • Provide language interpretation and translation services for APS schools and offices;
  • Manage demographic and educational data for EL students, and
  • Publish the “Survey of Limited English Proficiency Students”, annual report of the number of students and languages of English Language Learners in the Arlington Public Schools (APS).




Happy Parent Teacher Conference Days! Today is the first day of Fall PTC and Early Release for Elementary Schools!
Published October 24, 19 8:08AM