Language Services Registration Center


Welcome to the Language Service Registration Center (LSRC), a service of the Arlington Public Schools’ Department of Teaching and Learning.

The LSRC facilitates the school registration process for families with English as a Second Language, and provides language support to families, students, and schools through translation and interpretation services.

What we do:

  • Register and evaluate students whose first language or the language most often used at home is other than English;
  • Register and evaluate students with other language backgrounds, who are English Language Learners (EL);
  • Introduce families to the different schools and alternative programs;
  • Provide language interpretation and translation services;
  • Manage demographic and educational data for EL students;
  • Publish the “Survey of Limited English Proficiency Students”, annual report of the number of students and languages of English Language Learners in the Arlington Public Schools (APS), and
  • Provide interpretation and translation staff development.






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Published November 27, 18 6:23AM