The purpose for offering language services is to facilitate and increase meaningful communication and access to school programs, curriculum, activities, and educational opportunities for families and students. APS values the importance of communication between parents and schools. We want parents and students to know about and fully understand the educational opportunities that Arlington offers and to benefit from them.

About Interpretation Services

The Arlington Public Schools provides oral interpretation services from and into English and the four main languages spoken by our students and families: Spanish, Amharic, Arabic and Mongolian, and other common languages. These services are customarily provided during the following events:

Interpretation services for

  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Special education conferences
  • School meetings
  • Other school functions such as Kindergarten, Middle School and High School Information Nights
  • A language line is also available to schools.

Please place requests for oral interpretation services online at least 7 business days before needed. For simultaneous interpretations or other interpretations requiring multiple languages and/or multiple interpreters, please contact the LSRC 14 work days before the event.

Requesting Interpreters

  • Requests for interpreters must be entered online (Go to APS home page →REGISTRATION → Language Services Registration Center → SERVICES → REQUEST FOR INTERPRETERS)
  • To request equipment for simultaneous interpretation, click here

Requests for Interpreters for APS biannual Parent-Teacher Conferences must also be entered online at the APS website. The website link used to make these requests is only available and open for a window of time around the biannual conferences.

Interpretation questions, contact Tuguldur Batmunkh at 703-228-8010 or

Interpreter Service Cancellation: To cancel an Interpreter Service, please call Tuguldur Batmunkh at (703) 228-8010, or Gabriela Delcid at (703) 228-8002, at least 24 hours of the scheduled meeting.


Who Can Use the APS Language Services?
Interpretation and translation services are available to APS staff for the benefit of parents, families and students.

How Can APS Staff Access Language Services?
Contact the corresponding persons at your schools/ offices or contact the LSRC.

How Long Does it Take to Receive Language Services?
The processing time for the interpretation requests depends on a variety of factors, such as but not limited to type of meeting, type of interpretation and language etc,. Please be sure to complete every field of the submission form. In case of emergencies, the service will be provided as soon as possible.