Summer Reviews

Below please find summer mathematics reviews.  Please select the grade/math course that your child completed during the 2021-2022 school year.

Please note that these summer reviews are designed to help students review the Virginia Standards of Learning for a particular grade level.  Successful completion of these summer reviews does not indicate a child has mastered the content for that particular grade level.


Kindergarten Summer Mathematics Review 2022

1st Grade Summer Mathematics Review 2022

2nd Grade Summer Mathematics Review 2022

3rd Grade Summer Mathematics Review-2022

4th Grade Summer Mathematics Review 2022

5th Grade Summer Mathematics Review 2022


Math 6 Summer Review Packet

Math 7 Summer Review Packet

Pre-Algebra for 8th Graders Summer Review Packet

Note: Pre-Algebra for 6th Graders students might review the Math 6, Math 7, and Pre-Algebra for 8th Graders packets.  Pre-Algebra for 7th Graders students might review both the Math 7 and Pre-Algebra for 8th Graders packets.

Algebra I (and Intensified Algebra I) Summer Review Please note the header says Intensified Geometry – this packet reviews Algebra topics most essential for Geometry – (created by W-L Teachers)

Geometry Intensified Summer Review – (created by W-L Teachers)

Due to the nature of High School summer review packets (teachers may collect these, evaluate these, and may assign a grade) keys are not posted for High School Credit courses’ summer review packets.