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Heating and AC

Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration


Ricky Sullivan

The Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration program at the Arlington Career Center prepares students to meet the growing demand for Heating & Air Conditioning Installer / Repairers in Virginia, and the United States. The state average income in this field is $40,000, but wages can be much higher for experienced technicians, particularly in Northern Virginia.

Students in this program will learn both hands-on mechanical skills, as well as the higher-level analytical and problem-solving skills most valued by employers. Completion of this 2-year program with a B average or better earns 7 credits at Northern Virginia Community College. Passing the HVAC Excellence / Electrical certification, given at no extra cost to students, earns another 3 NOVA credits.

Through NOVA’s partnership with Virginia Tech, students completing two years at NOVA can transfer to Virginia Tech’s mechanical engineering program with two full years of college credit.

Students completing this two-year Program can receive / qualify for:


CroppMetcalfe, Fairfax
Calvert-Jones Company, Alexandria
JCM Associates, Upper Marlboro, MD
Arlington Public Schools Maintenance Department
Richards Heating & Air Conditioning
United States Marines


Clemons Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Heating
Airco Supply
Poss Heating & Air Conditioning
Arlington Public Schools Maintenance Department


The projections for Heating & Air Conditioning Installer / Repairers in the State of Virginia is over 30% growth in demand in Virginia and the country as a whole, according to Virginia Tech's online resource for job information, Virginia View. See for yourself, by clicking here.

To find out more about how you can get a head start on this growing industry, just contact Mr. Sullivan at the Career Center, 703.228.5766, who has over twenty-five years of experience in the field. Opportunity is waiting for you.


Advanced Technology Institute, Virginia Beach
The Apprentice School, Norfolk, Virginia
Baron Institute of Technology, East Windsor, CT
Lincoln Tech, Columbia, MD
Northern Virginia Community College
Penn College of Technology, HVAC Tech Program
Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering Program

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