Meet IS Staff

At Integration Station we believe that students, regardless of their educational needs, are a part of their school community. All of our staff members maximize each student’s developmental potential through collaboration, integration, and dedication. Staff are continuously empowered to meet the educational needs of students though professional development. Integration Station staff members are committed to learning how to best support the school community and developmental needs of their students.IS staff picture

Integration Station Staff Members Email
Sara Shaw, Administrator
Jennie Wallace, Administrative Assistant
Rasha Barri, Instructional Assistant
Ashley Donahoo, Instructional Assistant
Nury Gonzalez, Instructional Assistant
Lauren Greene, Art Teacher
Vivian Harris, Instructional Assistant
Richel Haslam-Hemmer, Teacher
Bridgid Hendrixson, Speech Therapist
Rebecca Kerney, Physical Education Teacher
Jazmin Leon, Instructional Assistant
Melissa Leupp, Occupational Therapist
Glenda Lopez, Instructional Assistant
Sheeza Mahmood, Teacher
Kaitlyn Mejia, Teacher
Gerardo Navarrette, Instructional Assistant
Elisha Pate, Instructional Assistant
Rocio Priale, Instructional Assistant
Lani Richards, Music Teacher
Mireya Sanchez, Instructional Assistant
Shirley Smith, Instructional Assistant
Megan Starke, Speech Therapist
Renee Sturgill, Physical Therapist
Maya Ward, Teacher
Sonia Wurzel, Teacher


Little Beginnings Staff Members Email
Allison Coyne,  Teacher
Karan Edwards, Instructional Assistant