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Develop and support strong connections among schools, families, and the community to broaden opportunities for student learning, development, and growth.


  • High-impact strategies for engaging all families
  • Technology is leveraged to support learning and administrative needs
  • Facilities are designed, developed, and maintained for high-performance learning and working environments
  • APS programs and services integrate with those in the broader community
  • Community businesses and organizations provide opportunities for internships/externships, service, and leadershipdevelopment

Performance Objectives

  • By 2024, at least 90% of APS families will respond favorably on student and family engagement on the Your Voice Matters survey results. (PO-P-1)


  • Provide training and resources for staff and families to create meaningful partnerships that support student success and well-being. (S-P-1)
  • Partner with local, state, and national businesses, organizations, and governments to support a variety of learning experiences. (S-P-2)
  • Partner with advisory committees, nonprofits, and other local organizations to strengthen engagement with all families and provide wrap-around services to students including healthcare, nutrition, academic, and social and emotional supports. (S-P-3)
  • Build a comprehensive structure for defining strategic partnerships, setting expectations, monitoring performance, and measuring quality. (S-P-4)

Desired Outcomes

  • O-P-1: Intentionally Omitted
  • School and program family engagement events build the capacity of staff and/or families in capabilities, connections, cognition, and confidence in families. (O-P-2)
  • All schools are welcoming to our diverse families and provide varied opportunities for engaging parents as equal partners. (O-P-3)
  • All essential information is easily accessible to diverse families on multiple platforms and in the top five languages. (O-P-4)

Additional Data