Fall 2021 Boundary Process: Wakefield to Washington-Liberty

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Status Update


      • If unable to complete the intent form online through the email link that was sent, other ways to complete include:
        • Download or obtain a paper copy of the form from the Bilingual Family Liaison or main office of your student’s school and then return completed form back to the main office OR
        • Send completed form OR photo of the completed form via email to apsboundaries@apsva.us 
        • If you need assistance completing this form, please email apsboundaries@apsva.us or contact the main office of your student’s school and ask to speak with the bilingual family liaison.

Rationale for Wakefield to Washington-Liberty Boundary Change

  • Wakefield is the only high school where enrollment currently exceeds the permanent building capacity ​
  • The proposed high school boundary adjustments aim to bring enrollment at Wakefield to more manageable levels for 2022-23 by utilizing the available capacity at Washington-Liberty, and ​
  • The proposed adjustments focus on planning units that were moved from Washington-Liberty to Wakefield in the 2016 high school boundary process
  • The planning units proposed for reassignment does not turn any walkers into bus riders as they are outside of the walk zone for all the schools involved

High School Capacity Utilization based on Jan. 2022 Capacity and Sept. 30, 2021 Enrollment)

High School Capacity Utilization

Wakefield-WL- 9.30.21

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Wakefield to Washington-Liberty Boundary Adjustment Proposal



  • Move some planning units from Wakefield to Washington-Liberty to bring enrollment at Wakefield to more manageable levels in 2022-23 by utilizing the available  capacity at Washington-Liberty​
  • Plan for IB capacity – consider reducing the waitlist by increasing the number lottery seats offered to students at Yorktown and Wakefield
    • Planning for IB capacity avoids the mistake in the 2017 M.S. Boundary process where the proposal did not accurately account for students from other schools attending Immersion and Montessori at Gunston.

Boundary Proposal Map- Wakefield to Liberty- Oct. 14, 2021Proposal:  ​

  • Reassign 10 Planning Units  (46110, 46111, 46120, 48160, 48180, 48290, 46140, 48150, 48280, 48281) from Wakefield to Washington-Liberty (effective 2022-23)​
  • Communities Impacted: ● Penrose ● Foxcroft Heights ● Arlington View ● Columbia Heights​
  • Applies as students enter high school (grade 9 or new to APS) beginning in 2022-23​
  • Current Gr. 9-11 Wakefield students in affected planning units will not be reassigned to W-L but may attend W-L (newly assigned neighborhood school) beginning in 2022-23​
  • Current Gr. 9-11 Wakefield students who remain at Wakefield will be provided APS transportation via Hub Stops​
  • Students attending W-L will be provided transportation​
  • Planning units are not in the walk zone for either Wakefield or W-L. Proposal does not turn any walkers into bus riders​
  • In addition, targeted transfers may be offered if needed for current Wakefield and/or Yorktown students to attend Washington-Liberty for the 2022-23 school year

Proposed Grandfathering with Transportation ​

    • Current Grade 9-11 students can remain at Wakefield​
    • APS transportation will be provided to eligible students via hub stops

Impact of boundary proposal on future processes

  • Reassigning planning units on the eastern edge of the county helps preserve flexibility and options in the next boundary process​
Policy Considerations in Boundary Proposal​ Proposal 
Alignment – Reassigned planning units or clusters of planning units that had:​

  • 24 or more students, or​
  • if less than 24 students, when they were in closer proximity or aligned with middle/high school cohorts​
✓​​ reassigns 162 Grade 6-8 students over 3 years
Stability ​

  • Not moving Planning Units that were reassigned while current students were enrolled in that school level​
✓​ students not impacted by 2016 boundary process
Demographics ​

  • Moving F/RL rate for schools towards the countywide average ​
Proximity & Efficiency​

  • Providing enrollment relief to schools when enrollment currently exceeds capacity and/or enrollment was at or exceeded capacity for the prior two school years, and ​
  • a nearby school has capacity to accommodate additional students​
✓​ provides relief to Wakefield using available capacity at Washington-Liberty

  • Maintaining attendance zones that are contiguous ​
  • The school is located within its boundary​
✓​ attendance zone contiguous and school located in its boundary

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Summary of Student Data

  • Data tables include counts of currently enrolled (Sept. 30, 2021) Gr. 6-8 students who reside in planning units (46110, 46111, 46120,46140, 48150, 48160, 48180, 48280, 48281,48290) proposed for reassignment from Wakefield to Washington-Liberty
    • Excludes students in PU attending option schools
  • The boundary proposal applies to all incoming Grade 9 students (currently in Grade 8 in 2021-22) and all other new and future incoming high school students. ​
  • Current Gr. 9-11 Wakefield students in affected planning units will not be reassigned to W-L but may attend W-L (newly assigned neighborhood school) beginning in 2022-23)

Wakefield to WL- Table 1- Race

Wakefield to WL- Table 2- Race Gr. 6-8 combined

Wakefield to WL- Table 3- EL - Gr. 8 only

Wakefield to WL- Table 4- EL


Data sheet will be posted on Wednesday, October 20

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Boundary Process Timeline

Sept. 30​ Schedule for boundary process shared publicly through multiple communication channels​
Oct. 14​ School Board Meeting –  Announcement on boundary proposal being posted on Engage​
Oct. 15-31 ​ Community Engagement – series of opportunities for the community to learn more about the proposed boundary adjustments and engage in a Q&A with APS Central Office staff.    ​
Nov. 3​ School Board Work Session – Boundary Adjustments for the 2022-23 School Year​
Nov. 16 ​ School Board receives the Superintendent’s Proposed Boundary Adjustments for the 2022-23 School Year ​
Nov. 30 ​ School Board holds a Public Hearing on the Proposed Boundary Adjustments for the 2022-23 School Year ​
Dec. 2 ​ School Board votes on Boundary Adjustments for the 2022-23 School Year ​

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Community Engagement

Public Participation Goal – Consult*

  • Obtain feedback on analysis, alternatives and/or decision​

Support Transitions​

  • Staff will connect with families whose students will be reassigned to a different school in the proposals to ensure they understand the proposed changes and respond to have questions and concerns they have.
  • Work with affected families to support them in transitions

*Source: sustainingcommunity.wordpress.com/2017/02/14/spectrum-of-public-participation

Virtual Community Meeting – Short presentation of proposal followed by Q&A

  • The same information will be presented at each session​
  • Simultaneous interpretation available in Spanish, Arabic, Amharic, and Mongolian​
  • English not available at the Spanish Only sessions​
  • Meetings will be recorded and posted on the Fall 2021 Boundary Process Engage page
Date Time
Sat., Oct 16 11:00-11:45 am
Tue., Oct 19 12:00 – 12:45 pm
Wed., Oct 20 7:00 – 7:45 pm (Spanish Only)
Thu., Oct 21 7:00-7:45 pm

Virtual Open Office Hours – Q&A session only

  • Simultaneous interpretation will be available in Spanish​
  • Meetings will be recorded and posted on the Fall 2021 Boundary Process Engage page
Date ​ Time ​
Tue., Oct 26​ 7:00-7:30 pm ​
Thu., Oct 28 ​ 12:00 -12:30 pm ​


  • The community engagement schedule and links to the virtual community meetings and open office hours was communicated to families through multiple channels beginning on Sept. 30.​
  • Families will be notified of the proposal on Oct. 15  and those in affected planning units who would be impacted in school year 2022-23 will receive additional communication​
  • In addition, P&E will be working collaboratively with Bilingual Family Liaisons to conduct targeted outreach to the families in affected planning units